Archbishop's Homilies 2015

Mass celebrated at Saint Dominic’s Church, East Camberwell, for the ordination of two priests and five deacons to the Missionaries of God’s Love, on Friday, 20th November 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our two candidates for priesthood and five for diaconate have come today, accompanied by their families and friends, to a significant moment in their lives.

Becoming another Christ means giving ourselves entirely to Jesus and to God’s people. It is a particular marriage of life and love for the welfare of God’s people, so that those chosen reflect the love which only God can give.

The love of God began in Jesus’ life, on the cross and in the Eucharist. The Missionaries of God’s Love have established Eucharistic and Missionary Centres where the love of God in the Eucharist reaching out to us is the animating power of all that they do. Their attractive spirit of love, their compassion and mercy, have encouraged and electrified many other young people and have given them great encouragement as disciples of Jesus, the One who gave his all.

Today is a significant moment because more than undertaking a permanent commitment, these men will be absorbed into Christ and manifest his care and love for God’s people as priests, as teachers and sanctifiers, ministers of word, sacrament and pastoral care.

The deacons-to-be will be shaped and formed further by God’s word who they will minister in the Church and whom they will represent in their lives of service.

I do thank their families for the great gift that they have made of a son to God’s people in this dynamic, new religious congregation. I am honoured to have the Missionaries of God’s Love in Melbourne, to be a partner with a Father Ken Barker in their studies at Catholic Theological College and to rejoice in their wonderful ministry in the parish of Burwood and beyond. May the love of God be their mission, be their light and be their hope always.

+ Denis J. Hart,