Altona Meadows / Laverton / Point Cook

Queen of Peace
62 Everingham Rd
Altona Meadows Vic 3028
St Martin de Porres 
Bellin St
Laverton VIC 3028
Stella Maris School Hall (Point Cook)
54 Innisfail Drive
Point Cook VIC 3030
Parish Office: 
62 Everingham Rd
Altona Meadows Vic 3028  
Tel: 03 9369 6877
Fax: 03 9369 6761

Parish Priest:
Rev John Healy

Assistant Priest:
Rev Daryl Montecillo

Mass Times:

Tuesday: 9.15am (Laverton) 
Wednesday: 9.15am (Altona Meadows)
Thursday: 9.15am (Laverton) 
Friday: 9.15am (Altona Meadows)
Saturday: 9.15am (Altona Meadows), 6.00pm vigil (Altona Meadows)
Sunday: 8.00am (Altona Meadows), 9.00am (Point Cook), 10.00am (Laverton), 11.00am (Altona Meadows)
Reconciliation: Saturday: 10.00am - 10.30am (Altona Meadows)  or before any Mass

Deanery: Westgate

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