World Youth Day

World Youth Day pilgrims step out on mission

Kairos Volume 24, Issue 6

Words Leeanne Grima
Picture Brendan Lindsay

THIS July, Victorian World Youth Day pilgrims will experience mission in the shanty town of Pamplona in Peru, where they will build a 70-metre outdoor staircase with the local community, before continuing on to Rio de Janeiro.

Pamplona was populated in the 1990s by displaced Peruvians and immigrants seeking better economic opportunities in the country’s capital. With homes located on steep and muddy hillsides, residents must navigate unsafe dirt tracks to reach markets, schools and main roads.

As well as improving safety, staircases help the town gain recognition as an established community and access government services.

Siblings William and Christine Chu, who will be joining the pilgrimage, believe the mission will help them find Christ through the people they serve. ‘My hope,’ said Christine, ‘is that each step that we build will be a reminder of God’s love for his people, and bring us all a step closer to God.’

The staircase building project is being coordinated by the Christian Life Movement. To raise funds to support the construction work, the Archdiocesan Office for Youth is running an eight-week Spanish course from 1 May–19 June.

For more details on the Habla Español course, visit