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Melbourne Catholics put their faith into action

Communications Office, Thursday 17 Ocotber 2013

THE Melbourne Archdiocese was especially generous in its support of Catholic Mission in 2012 raising $4,206,627 for mission work at home and abroad.

Catholic Mission’s 2012 Annual Report, released earlier this week, shows that Australians helped 249,112 children, 5,226 catechists and 1,082 seminarians through Catholic Mission in 2012.
Martin Teulan, Catholic Mission’s National Director, sees these results as proof of what can be achieved when Australian Catholics put their faith into action.
“The impact of prayers, gifts and assistance from thousands of inspirational, caring Australians is a testament to what is possible when we live Christ’s message. Since his appointment, Pope Francis has encouraged us to live out our faith, and these achievements prove that Australians are doing just that,” Mr Teulan said.
“Such generosity demonstrates how we can make a positive difference in the world.” 

In 2012, Australians opened their hearts to reach out to those in need with over $8.5 million being donated to Catholic Mission’s international projects, directly supporting 187 dioceses in 37 countries.
Additionally, for the first time, more than $2 million was allocated to Home Mission Fund projects, which are projects that help Indigenous communities in remote parts of Australia. Whether they are addressing the educational needs of children or adults, or the spiritual development of broader communities, these projects are crucial for the local communities.
The support of Catholic communities is life-changing and it is such support―here and overseas―that has brought the Catholic spirit to places where it is really needed, as Mr Teulan emphasises.
“Whether we’re helping those who are near us or those who are on the other side of the world, the support we receive ensures that Christ’s message is experienced by all. That is our mission: to bring the Kingdom of God to others, in word and deed.”
A copy of our annual report can be downloaded at HERE.

Photo courtesy of Catholic Mission.