Parish and School News

Special September 11

Wednesday 19 September

By Steve Bellesini and  Liz Mills

RESURRECTION Parish and School, Keysborough, was fortunate to have Archbishop Dennis Hart visit on 11 September. It was an opportunity to share with His Grace the work we do at the school.

Our Spiritual and Mini Vinnies Student Action Teams attended the Parish Mass, con-celebrated by Archbishop Hart and Father Brian Collins. A morning tea in the Parish House followed, and provided a chance for adults and students to mingle and chat with Archbishop Hart.

After a guided tour of the Parish community, and viewing aspects of the unique “Womb to Tomb” Parish, Archbishop Hart was interviewed on Resurrection school’s “Random Reskey Radio Show” on 104.7 FM (local area). The Student Wellbeing Action Team asked the following questions:  Where did you go to school? What are some of your favourite schools you have visited? What games did you used to play at school when you were our age? What is your favourite colour? When did you become a priest? What is most challenging about being Archbishop of Melbourne?

Students enjoyed the interview and thanks to our technical expert Mike Morris, it was played on 104.7 afterwards, and is now part of a continuous loop. Archbishop Hart said he had been interviewed many times on Christian radio, but had never been interviewed for radio by students before.

Coinciding with the Archbishop’s visit, this year the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 was commemorated all day in the church. Students with their buddies from younger grades, and the Legion of Mary, held ‘Prayers for Peace’ in half hour blocks. It was a beautiful, reflective prayer experience. Staff and parishioners commented on the gentle, peaceful feeling they experienced.

Steve Bellesini is the Principal of Resurrection School, Keysborough. Liz Mills is the school Religious Education Leader.

Photos courtesy of Resurrection School Keyborough.