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Inspired by Project Kenya

Communications Office, Friday 6 December 2013

IN September this year, an inaugural Immersion Group from Catholic Ladies’ College (CLC) left Melbourne bound for the small community of Embul-bul, located just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Catholic Ladies’ College is part of a group of Catholic Secondary Colleges, known as Project Kenya. The project supports the Br Beausang Catholic Educational Centre in Embul-bul, which educates students from nursery age through to high school. In the lead up to their trip the immersion group, consisting of 14 students from Yr 10 and Yr 11 and 3 staff, fundraised and prepared their hearts and minds for the privilege of journeying to meet the Embul-bul village community.

View the colourful gallery display of the CLC Kenyan Immersion
Project Kenya helped build the Br Beausang School which is administered by the Christian Brothers. The centre supports the education and wellbeing of students and provides safe quality learning facilities.
CLC students saw firsthand the vibrant and committed work of the Christian Brothers and witnessed the church in action, with visits to the Ruben Centre, located on the fringe of the Makuru slums in Nairobi city. The centre assists people living in the slum with medical needs and education as well as small business opportunities.
The students were moved by the lives of people they met while participating in the Br Beausang School’s pastoral care program. The program involved home visits with the purpose of assessing the eligibility of Br Beausang students for sponsorship. Students from CLC also attended classes and were able to participate in various extra-curricular activities, such as the choir. They were also profoundly touched by the commitment level of Br Beausang students toward their studies and the joyful prayers and songs of students each day, despite the hardship of their lives.
CLC students and staff were amazed by the natural beauty of Kenya’s county-side and the inspiring lives and resilience of the Kenyan people.
Below are some reflections from Catholic Ladies’ College students:

“It is important that we always remember what we have learnt in Embul-bul and it is our responsibility to continue to work together to make a difference. We can’t forget!” (Nicole, Yr 11)

 “I will treasure this immersion for the rest of my life. I will remember the people we met and the places we saw. I will continue to fundraise and I will always remember to go through my memories of the immersion to remind myself of what we did, and what we need to do.” (Olivia,Yr 10)
Story contributed by Catholic Ladies College staff members Mrs Anne Stringer (School Counsellor), Mrs Joanne Notting (Teacher) and Ms Laura Farchione (Teacher).

Photos courtesy of Catholic Ladies' College

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