Development Office

The Development Office of the Archdiocese of Melbourne has been established to ensure that the current and future operational and capital funding needs of the Archdiocese, its parishes and agencies are met through the application of co-ordinated, cost effective and best practice approaches to fundraising. The Development Office incorporates the former Catholic Fundraising and Bequest Offices and administers the Melbourne Catholic Archbishop's Charitable Fund.

The Development Office conducts fundraising programs in parishes and also supports parishes with education and training in fundraising. Funds received through bequests and the Melbourne Archbishop's Charitable Fund enables Catholic agencies to promote the welfare of others, support the vulnerable and disavantaged and effect positive change in Melbourne, nationally and internationally.

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Development Office
Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

St Patrick's Centre 
486 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Vic 3002
Phone: (03) 9926 5731