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Catholic Parish of Greater Box Hill | In the Franciscan tradition

Stewardship Program 2019

Stewardship Program Future Weekend
Welcome to the final week of our Parish Stewardship Program.

In recent weeks we have reflected on:

  • The role of faith in our lives
  • The importance of coming together to celebrate the Eucharist each weekend
  • Our commitment to growing in faith

We have also considered our parish as a community of faith:

  • Are we a place of welcome?
  • Do we have a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel?
  • Am I making my contribution to parish life by being involved in our Groups & Ministries?

 This week brings it all together.  We look to the future – imagining what sort of parish we want to be.  Led by the Lord, we're filled with hope, but we need the support and contribution of every individual if we are to fulfil God's plan for us.

This week we ask you to finalise your commitments by:

  • Signing up for a parish group or ministry
  • Making your meaningful pledge of financial support to the Stewardship Program.

Fr Tony
Parish Priest


Thoughts from Our Leadership Team

Why do you think it’s important to support your Parish financially through our Parish Stewardship Program?

“The Church is the people and we need to maintain it”

“For something as important as my faith life, I feel it’s important to show thanks and, to ensure the life of the parish continues into the future.”

“It’s important to contribute financially to the Parish, to help support the infrastructure, running cost, and work that is done here at, the Parish of Greater Box Hill”

“Contributing helps belonging and connection, supporting with Time & Talent encourages others, we are called to share our blessing with others.”


Ministry Focus 

You can download the Parish Groups and Ministries form here. 

Whitehorse Winter Shelter Group

The Whitehorse Pastors – a group of pastors from Christian churches in the Whitehorse municipality – are seeking to establish a Whitehorse Winter Shelter program. With 7 venues (one each night of the week) offering an evening meal, a warm bed and breakfast for the months of June July and August for men sleeping rough in our area.

There is a strict protocol that must be followed and we have offered the Friars Room as a venue on Sunday nights for these three months. Other nights of the week are at other Churches. 

We will need teams of 10 volunteers in three shifts for each week (4 for unpack and the evening meal 6-10pm) (2 for supervision 10pm until 6am) and 4 for breakfast and pack up (5.30am – 7.30am)

Can you consider helping? 

Autumn Friendship Club

The Autumn Friendship Club began with the purpose of providing companionship, support and occupation to the retired members of the parish and the Whitehorse community, and has continued to implement that goal to date. 

Our main “outing” is a visit to the Waverley Cinema to see a film and have a light lunch every three months. Our “at home” activities include fund-raising afternoons and lunches, some speakers, video afternoons, Bingo, a clothing sale, Oaks Day lunch and afternoons of reflection.

We are always looking for new members; we welcome all parishioners and members of the Whitehorse community and their friends to our functions; and are always open to suggestions for further activities. 

Meetings are held every Thursday at 1.30pm in Friars Room.

Monty Carlos

The idea to form a social group at St. Clare was born in October 2016 after a lunch for parishioners who were no longer living in the parish, or who were now living in nursing homes, was organised to come and see the newly renovated St. Clare’s church. It was such a success that at a small meeting the following year at St. Clare’s, the Monty Carlos were formed.

The Monty Carlos usually meet monthly, although that is not a hard and fast rule, and after meeting in the St. Clare carpark, travel to one of the nearby hotels or restaurants. We have though, travelled to a café in Warrandyte which we did by bus, just because we could and also the Nursery in Warrandyte. We also had Christmas in July at the Old England Hotel in Heidelberg last year. Transport can always be arranged if some needs it.

Most outings are attended by approximately 10 people and our last venture attracted I think 12 or 13, and even though the weather was miserable, it didn’t dampen our Monty Carlo spirit.

I think the group is successful because it is an opportunity for parishioners to get together and enjoy one another’s company, have fun and a laugh, enjoy a nice meal and make new friends when a newcomer joins us.

We would dearly like more people to join, the invitation is open to all parishioners.