Our Lady of Victories :: Camberwell

Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Victories, Camberwell.  Currently our parish is progressing through some special years.  Having already celebrated the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone in 2013 we are preparing for the centenary of the Opening and Dedication of our beautiful Basilica to be celebrated in October 2018.
In the meantime extensive renovation is required and is being undertaken currently by the parish community at our own expense.  To date some $700,000 has been expended on the renovation of the external stonework to the western front (main entrance) of the Basilica.  And now the extensive renovation is taking place around and above the two side entrances right up to the Dome of the Basilica at a cost of $2.6 million.

Our people are truly proud of their beautiful worship space, warmly welcoming all to join them both in worship and the continuing care of our Basilica.  We also welcome those who join us in the many ministries of care and outreach in and through our parish community.

Our parish centre, located close to the well-known Camberwell Junction is integral to the vibrant activity of the local area.  Together with the other Christian Churches located in this area we celebrate and give witness to our common Christian heritage and shared life on significant occasions throughout the year.  We are blessed and enriched through these contacts.

And now as you peruse our website I trust and pray that you deepen your knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, Mary of Nazareth, whose heavenly patronage we are privileged to have for our community under the title of Our Lady of Victories.  May God bless you and your loved ones

Rev. Brendan J Reed
Parish Priest
BASILICA OF OUR LADY OF VICTORIES | 548 Burke Road, Camberwell VIC 3124 | Phone: 9882 9077 | Fax: 9882 1959 | Email: Camberwell@cam.org.au