Mass Times

Message of Welcome 

Welcome to St Patrick’s Cathedral. Mother Church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and one of the architectural glories of Melbourne.

St Patrick’s is an integral part of Melbourne, and its history tells us much about the State’s birth and growth. Situated on the fringe of the city grid, close enough to the heart of Melbourne to be a powerful presence and breathe with a life of its own.

The beauty of the Cathedral speaks of the glory of God. Its peace reaches to our innermost heart, and its welcome to those who pass by is of a God who is ever compassionate to us, his people.

We are delighted to share a precious part of our faith, culture and heritage with you.
The Jubilee Year of Mercy & The Holy Door of Mercy

Jubilee years, also called Holy Years have generally occurred every 25 years. There are lots of celebrations and often, pilgrimages to the Holy Doors. Pope Francis designated this Year C as a Jubilee Year of Mercy, calling for us to examine our minds and hearts and to seek the grace of our Lord through conversion and repentance. The Year of Mercy ends at the solemnity of Christ the King.


What the Cathedral means to me

Archbishop Denis Hart by Most Reverend Denis J. Hart D.D.
Archbishop of Melbourne

Saint Patrick’s is a place of God, an oasis of peace and beauty.  A small immigrant community built it with courage, vision and love.  It is a lasting reminder of God’s constant presence among the people of Melbourne.

As a small boy I remember my father bringing me in for a visit.  Later as a seminarian I saw that it was the focus of the Church and I attended Ordinations.  Later as a priest at the Cathedral I came to know the many moods which our Cathedral has; the peace of early morning, the prayerfulness of those who come for a visit, the comfort of reconciliation offered at lunchtime as the Cathedral becomes light and the day is splendid.