Chaplaincy Sunday Appeal

We are the Church. And our lay Chaplains are our ambassadors who gently enable the lived expression of the values of the gospel among those who sit at the edges of our society. Please give generously to the appeal so that our Chaplains may continue to be

 “Our Companions of Hope”.

Note: We are currently preparing for the 2018 Appeal 
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 Sunday 21 May 2017

For the upcoming 2017 Chaplaincy Sunday on 21st May, we have chosen to focus on Youth Justice Chaplaincy. There has been recent publicity surrounding youth justice facilities in the media with reports of riots, damaged facilities, and staff shortages and overcrowding leading to some juveniles being housed in adult prisons. As a result of these recent activities, our chaplaincy services have been in high demand. To coincide with the Appeal we hope you have the opportunity to read the article in Melbourne Catholic where two of our justice chaplains, Sr Rachel Fleurant and Maria Ford, share their stories. 

Chaplaincy Sunday celebrates the compassionate face of the Church as it immerses itself in the human stories of brokenness. Our lay Chaplains walk with people in the experience of illness and hospitalisation; with people living with the stigma and isolation of HIV/AIDS; with the residents who are imprisoned in the 14 prisons scattered across the state with children and young people in Youth Justice Centres.

The Melbourne Catholic Archbishop’s Charitable Fund Chaplaincy Sunday Appeal assists people needing support from the Catholic Chaplains in the following areas:

  • Youth Justice
  • Prisons
  • Healthcare (Public Hospitals, HIV/AIDS)
  • Seafarers.

 For further information call the Office of Philanthropy on 9926 5731 or email