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    Explore existing models of parish leadership and strategies to animate parish life in 21st century Australia.

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Grow Your Parish - Formation for Parish Pastoral Councils

Thursday 21 September --- Parish pastoral councils are invited to continue the conversation on animating parish life at this follow-up session where will look at existing models of parish leadership, factors that lead to parish vitality and strategies to animate parish life in 21st century Australia.

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Vine and Branches: Yearning to Belong Conference

An opportunity for clergy, pastoral associates and pastoral planners to reflect upon the signs of the time and move forward with hope. Keynote speakers include Prof. Richard Gaillardetz (USA) , Dr Maeve Louise Heaney, Geraldine Doogue and Archbishop Mark Coleridge.

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Templates for Father's Day prayers

If your parish or school is looking for something special to distribute to fathers in your community, you might wish to download and print these pre-prepared bookmarks.

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The Reader of God’s Word: 10 tips to improve your proclamation

Involved in liturgical ministries at your parish? This short video provides lectors - new or existing - with practical tips for improving their proclamation of the word.

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The Summit Online
eNews reflection
Spring proclaims new life! Our lives are not always in sync with the natural season, however.
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Articles from The Summit Online:


Reaching Out with Hospitality to People with Mental Illness

Thomas P. Welch is a psychiatrist at the Northwest Catholic Counseling Centre in Portland, Oregon and a member of the Council on Mental Illness of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability. In an article originally published in Pastoral Liturgy, Welch reflects on how parishes can better respond to parishioners with mental illness, and ways to create welcoming and inclusive spaces.
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Psalmody and Hymnody: Scripture in Song

Fiona Dyball reminds us that "singing has been part of the life of the church from the very earliest times; and Sacred Scripture has traditionally formed the basis of this sung prayer, with the psalms taking a central role. The psalms formed the 'prayerbook' of ancient Israel, and the Jewish and Christian traditions of worship, over many centuries." 
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The Revision of the Lectionary

"Prior to the Second Vatican Council the percentage of the Old Testament used in the liturgy, excluding the psalms, was only one per cent (255 verses) ... Put another way, before the Second Vatican Council Catholics never heard readings at their Sunday celebration of the Eucharist from thirty-seven Old Testament books!" Fr Chris Monaghan cp discusses the key changes to the lectionary after the Second Vatican Council.
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Chef's Choice: Feasting on the Word

"The four stages of Lectio Divina are like having a good meal: You take a bite (lectio), you chew on it (meditatio), enjoy the taste (oratio) and then swallow it (contemplatio). Fr John Dupuche reminds us that 'feasting on the Word’ that leads to a better knowledge of Christ. This article includes a guided reflection on the readings for weekend of Sunday 16 July, which Pope Francis has encouraged as a 'Sunday for the Word of God' in dioceses around the world. 
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Psalms and liturgical life, psalms and life

"St Athanasius said a psalm ‘is a mirror in which you contemplate yourself and movements of your soul’. This beautiful insight encourages us to pray the psalms and to allow them to teach us about ourselves and to give expression to our deepest feelings, concerns and desires." Mary Reaburn nds reflects on the Psalms and how they can be a prism through which we see differently. 
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The travelling Mary

"Her faith, I learned, gave her a particular place in our collective religious history. For a beginner little Catholic, it was also an introduction to the world of the mystical." Cathy Jenkins recalls the tradition of the 'travelling Mary.' 
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