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    “May Jesus, who vanquished the darkness of sin and death, grant peace to our days.” -- Pope Francis

    Spirit of Adventure

    Re-imagining parish life with internationally-renowned author and speaker Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP
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    Stations of the Cross

    Jesus' journey to the cross reminds us of the depth of his love for humanity and his absolute commitment to the service of others
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    The Celebration of Mercy

    Celebrating the liberating power of forgiveness, through the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation
The Summit Online
"There is wisdom in taking the time to consciously and attentively breathe."
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Lent and a New Heart

Anthony Kelly CSsR reminds us that Lent is the time to allow God to 'pluck out' the stony heart of selfishness and to receive a new heart.

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Music in contemporary culture: Some implications for our celebrations of the Eucharist

Music is integral to our Eucharistic celebrations, and can help participants experience God’s presence. Maeve Louise Heaney examines sacred music’s value for liturgy, and what it can achieve that other art cannot.
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Our ‘bright sadness’: The Eucharist and Christian unity today

Fr Denis Stanley explores eucharistic faith, practice and dialogue among the different Christian churches in relation to our journey to Christian unity.
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A Eucharistic Ecology

Rev. Anthony J Kelly reflects on the unique way that the celebration of the Eucharist brings nature and culture together, inspiring an integral ecology of nature and culture, person and community, creation and God.
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The Eucharist makes (and breaks) the Church

Neil Ormerod notes that as a Church we are made by the Eucharist when we take Jesus’ own self-sacrificial love as the template of our lives. However, as Church we can be broken when we sacrifice the less powerful to maintain our own power.
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Spirit of Adventure

Saturday 20 May, 9.30am - 3pm

Come and be inspired at this seminar for parish and school leaders, featuring acclaimed author and preacher Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP (UK) and workshops on re-imagining parish life for the 21st century.

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Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP (UK) in Melbourne this May

The award-winning author will be in Melbourne this May, and speak at two formation sessions on the adventure of faith and how to be effective faith leaders in the 21st century.   

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Spirit of Adventure - Parish Life Re-imagined

How can we create and sustain parish communities that respond to the Gospel call in an age of increased disengagement? What tools might we use to invite and encourage people to participate in this epic adventure called faith? Featuring internationally-renowned speaker and author Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP (UK) as well as workshops on different forms of prayer, music ministry, the sacraments, youth ministry, community outreach programs and scripture.

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At home in the Church? Formation session with Timothy Radcliffe OP

Parish Priests, Religious and Lay Ecclesial Ministers are invited to a reflection session with Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, who will draw on his writings and experiences to address two key topics for those ministering in the church.

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Upcoming Liturgical Formation Workshops

The Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation (AOFE) is offering the following workshops for liturgy teams and all those serving or interested in parish ministry.
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