Preparing for the 2019 Rite of Election

About the Rite

The Rite of Election is a very important and beautiful rite of the church. In 2019, the Rite will take place on:
Sunday 17 March 2019
St Patrick's Cathedral 
It is at this liturgy that the Church makes its “election,” of those catechumens who are preparing to take part in the sacraments of initiation at Easter. Baptised candidates have already been chosen “elected” so they have the opportunity to stand with their sponsors who will bear their testimony about the candidate’s readiness to receive the sacraments at Easter.
For those of us accompanying the catechumens and candidates in their faith journey, or for those present at the Cathedral, the witnessing of this call to faith also enriches our own faith life, the fruits of which we can take with us when we return to our local parish community. 
In light of the labour day weekend coinciding with the First Sunday of Lent, the date for the 2019 Rite of Election is Sunday 17 March, the Second Sunday of Lent.  
The information below is provided to assist with the planning and preparation for the 2019 Rite of Election.   

Booking Process

Bookings can be made via TryBooking which provides an efficient method of collating parish information.  

Allocated Seating

Due to the large numbers who attend Rite of Election, allocated seating is arranged in St Patrick’s Cathedral. Allocated seating is available for:
  • Catechumens & Godparents
  • Candidates & Sponsors
  • Parish Priest
  • RCIA Coordinator
  • Two (2) RCIA parish team members

For your reference, a pew seats about seven people. Each parish (via their RCIA Coordinator) will be advised of their allocated seat by Wednesday 13 March 2019. On the day, the name of the parish will be displayed on each pew and ushers will be available to assist with seating. 

Other Seating

Unallocated seating is available for family and friends behind the reserved seating section and at the sides of the Cathedral. There is plenty of room for all and we encourage as many family members and parishioners as possible to show their love and support for the catechumens and candidates.


Each parish will need to prepare a scroll for catechumens and a scroll for candidates. These scrolls will be presented to Archbishop Commensoli during the Rite of Election. The scrolls are rolled and tied with a ribbon of your choice. After the Rite of Election, the names of the Elect are transcribed into the Book of Elect, which is held at the Cathedral. The scrolls will then be returned by mail to the RCIA Coordinator at the Parish address. Please ensure correct spelling of the names of your catechumens and candidates. 

Event information (Registration, parking, etc.)

  • Registration will open from 1.30pm on Sunday 17 March in the Cathedral grounds.
  • One person (RCIA Coordinator) can register the whole parish group. The rest of the group can then be seated with the assistance of the ushers.
  • A reminder, too, that parking around the Cathedral is limited, so you may wish to travel to the Cathedral by public transport on the day.
  • Download event details for the 2019 Rite of Election >

What to do now

  • Registration for the 2019 Rite of Election will open on Friday 23 November 2018 and close on Wednesday 6 March 2019. Log on to the TryBooking website and complete the information/registration.   
  • Are you or members of your parish interested in being part of the choir on the day? Let us know >


If you have any further enquiries regarding the Rite of Election or require assistance with the TryBooking link, please contact Suzanne Hermon on 9926 5761 or

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