Stewards of Forgiveness

These two videos offer a window into the work of chaplains and priests, often seen as ‘stewards of forgiveness’.
Their experience in hearing people’s stories of suffering and sometimes self-loathing, sheds light on the liberating power of forgiveness when sought but most importantly, when received. These videos were produced as part of the 24 Hours for the Lord initiative, and can be used for personal or group reflection. Accompanying questions have been provided for discussion. 
Sr Rachel Fluerant MGL 
Sr Rachel is a chaplain at the Youth Justice Centre in Parkville, where she spends time with youth and young adults, offering practical, emotional and spiritual support. She describes her ministry as a ministry of presence, and says the experience of listening to the youth (some as young as 12 years old) has deeply changed her and challenged her in how she lives out her faith. Download accompanying reflection questions > 
Fr Anthony (Tony) McSweeney SSS  
Fr Tony is a Blessed Sacrament Father at St Francis’ Church in the city of Melbourne, one of the busiest churches in the country. The city parish offers a range of pastoral support services and can receive up to 10,000 visitors in any given week. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered throughout the week, a ministry which Fr Tony is only to happy to offer. He says, “For me it’s a chance to meet people in their struggles, their suffering and their aspirations.” Download accompanying reflection questions > 


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