"The Holy Spirit needs landing permission" --- Mark Patrick Hederman OSB

Author and teacher Mark Patrick Hederman OSB visited Australia in June 2017. As part of his visit, he led a conversation on 'caring for the soul', and why we (as church) need to rearrange the way we carry out the mission and acknowledge that "the Holy Spirit is already there... but It needs landing permission, and we cannot control this. ...It is we who have to rearrange and read the signs of the times."

Mark Patrick Hederman OSB has been a monk of Glenstal Abbey in Limerick for over 40 years. Formerly headmaster of the school, he has just completed eight years as Abbot. He has a doctorate in the philosophy of education. He studied in Paris under Emmanual Levinas and has lectured in philosophy and literature in America and Nigeria as well as Ireland, and was a founding editor of the cultural journal 'The Crane Bag'.

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