Parish leadership

Know Your Parish - Formation for Parish Pastoral Councils

Thursday 27 July --- Parish pastoral councils are invited to a formation session focused on equipping parish leaders with strategies for reviewing their community’s strengths and opportunities for growth and development. Includes input by Fr Brendan Reed. 
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Christian leadership takes imagination --- Spirit of Adventure seminar wrap-up

"Real leadership means you take the risk of being rejected. Jesus' leadership landed him on the cross. Every form of courageous leadership means that you dare to take the risk that you will be turned down."  Fr Timothy Radcliffe speaks to the 160 parishioners gathered at the Spirit of Adventure seminar. Watch/listen to his talks >
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Reflections on Mary: Prison Chaplaincy

In this brief video, Good Samaritan sister Mary O'Shannassy reflects on the challenging yet rewarding ministry of prison chaplaincy. She reflects on the witness by Mary, mother of God and advocate for those without a voice. Includes reflection questions for personal/group discussion.
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Catechist Support and Resources

We encourage catechists to visit the new webpage ‘Catechist Central’ which provides a wealth of information, guidance and support for this vitally important parish ministry. 
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A Joyous Death

Director's Reflection (May 2017). "We know, because the apostles have told us, that death is really the start of a new story. ... that is why we also know that ‘Christ’s resurrection is not an event of the past; it contains a vital power which has permeated this world."
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Celebrating the breath of life

Director's Reflection (April 2017). "I have a friend who, when I am getting a little anxious about things, will say – ‘just breathe’. There is wisdom in taking the time to consciously and attentively breathe."
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Stewards of Forgiveness

These two videos offer a window into the work of chaplains and priests, often seen as ‘stewards of forgiveness’. Their experience in hearing people’s stories of suffering and sometimes self-loathing, sheds light on the liberating power of forgiveness when sought but most importantly, when received. 

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A Lent Heart

Director's Reflection (March 2017). "I learnt something every day when I worked with children and young people. At first, if something went wrong and the students told me they hadn't done it, weren’t involved, didn’t know, I believed them."

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Liturgical Brochure Series

This brochure series offers guidance and support for those involved in the various liturgical and pastoral ministries in parishes, schools and other religious and ecclesial communities.
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Background: Secretariat for Lay Ecclesial Ministry

In 2011, a Review of Accreditation Requirements for Pastoral Associates and Lay Chaplains was conducted by Dr Peter Carpenter. A report was then submitted to the Archbishop Denis Hart, outlining the current situation along with recommendations for a process forward.
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