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Lent and a New Heart

Anthony Kelly CSsR reminds us that Lent is the time to allow God to 'pluck out' the stony heart of selfishness and to receive a new heart.

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Music in contemporary culture: Some implications for our celebrations of the Eucharist

Music is integral to our Eucharistic celebrations, and can help participants experience God’s presence. Maeve Louise Heaney examines sacred music’s value for liturgy, and what it can achieve that other art cannot.
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Our ‘bright sadness’: The Eucharist and Christian unity today

Fr Denis Stanley explores eucharistic faith, practice and dialogue among the different Christian churches in relation to our journey to Christian unity.
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A Eucharistic Ecology

Rev. Anthony J Kelly reflects on the unique way that the celebration of the Eucharist brings nature and culture together, inspiring an integral ecology of nature and culture, person and community, creation and God.
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The Eucharist makes (and breaks) the Church

Neil Ormerod notes that as a Church we are made by the Eucharist when we take Jesus’ own self-sacrificial love as the template of our lives. However, as Church we can be broken when we sacrifice the less powerful to maintain our own power.
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The following music videos are provided as part of the Lenten resource, Opening Our Hearts and Minds.
The first video, Stay With Me, is offered as a suggested 'centering prayer' to begin each week.
Opening Hymn Suggestion (all weeks)
Stay With Me
Used as an opening hymn for each week of Lent 
Week 1:
Be With Me Lord
Psalm 91, Gather Australia 53
Week 2:
Open My Eyes
As One Voice I 166, Catholic Worship Book II, 582
Week 3:
Bless The Lord My Soul
As One Voice II 142
Week 4:
Create In Us A Clean Heart
As One Voice II 21
Week 5:
Create In Us A Clean Heart
As One Voice II 21
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