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Promise and mission: an overview of the Gospel of Matthew

This Advent, we embark on a new liturgical cycle and return to Year A of the church’s Lectionary, focusing on the Gospel of Matthew. As part of this year’s ‘Advent of Grace’ liturgy preparation workshops, Ria Greene expertly led participants through an overview of a gospel that points us unswervingly in the direction of the kingdom, and which speaks powerfully into many of the challenges facing the church today.
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Prayer and conversion

‘Conversion is at the heart of all authentic religious experience,’ writes Fr Laurence Freeman, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation. Here he reflects on what it means to be truly converted, to conform oneself to ‘the true nature of one’s soul—to oneself as a child of God, not merely as a product of our culture’—and on the vital role of prayer and contemplation in this process.
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Sparks of Beauty: Sacred Spaces

The final Sparks of Beauty event for 2020 took place in the award-winning ‘sacred space’ of the St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Chapel at ACU. Fr Laurence Freeman, Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, joined AOFE’s Cathy Jenkins and Tiffany Davis to explore the ways in which the sacred can intersect with the everyday in the physical and relational spaces of our lives. Lucy Davison reflects here on this thoughtful and wide-ranging conversation, and on the experience of being surprised and refreshed by a moment of sacred delight.
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Opening to the sacred in presence and absence

In this month of remembrance, Bishop Shane Mackinlay reflects on the powerful connection between absence and presence in our lives, the liturgy and the church.

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The gift of the Johannine Spirit-Paraclete

The Gospel of John enriches the Christian tradition of Jesus’ gift of the Spirit. The overall theology and Christology of the Gospel of John generates a striking presentation of the Spirit, often called ‘the Paraclete’ (14:16; 15:26; 16:7) or ‘the Spirit-Paraclete’ (14:26; 15:26). Internationally recognised biblical scholar Francis J. Moloney SDB argues that to properly grasp Johannine thought, two questions need to be asked: What is the role of the Spirit? When is the Spirit given?

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Making sense of psalm numbering

Why does the responsorial psalm of the day sometimes have a different number in the Catholic Lectionary from the one in the Bible? Fiona Dyball sheds some light on this sometimes perplexing question.
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