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Something Interesting!

Not quite the whopper of last week today, but still a juicy variety of tempting offerings for you, new and not-so-new. Here’s a selection of the freshest.

• The Carmelite Centre in Middle Park has a couple of events upcoming that’d be sure to please. One is a “quiet day”, a Saturday devoted to Celtic spirituality, complete with Celtic harp. That’s 28 April, while a 3-day readers’ festival over May 24 to 26 will offer no less than 14 speakers (inc Frs Austin Cooper and John Dupuche) talking about their spiritual reading (drawn from writers of the last 100 years).

• In one of our more extreme Save the Dates, we’re pointing you to a trivia night … in August! It’s a Friday night, and it’s part of the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project. Talk about organised!

• Just a tad sooner, check out the weekend for blokes in Keysborough. If you’re based anywhere in that part of town (officially it’s a Keysborough-Noble Park event) point everybody to the menALIVE weekend of 5-6 May. Details in the Update.

• A Capuchin vocations evening is another one for the boys (aged 18 to 35, that is). 3 May in the evening, in downtown Hawthorn.

• And those mightily enthused Catholics from the Vincentian Retreat Centre have announced their first live-in retreat for the year. 3 days over a weekend in June/July at University College. Faith lift!