Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

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Catholic Schools... Australia continue to respond to, and to serve, the needs of parents who seek a Catholic Education for their childrren. Catholic Parish Schools exist as integral parts of Catholic Parish life.   They come into being when the Catholic community of an area grows to such a point that the number of families requesting Catholic education indicate that a viable school can be considered. Catholic Schools in reality owe their existence to the active presence of a Catholic community. They are supported by that parish community and in turn, the Catholic school supports that parish community as it lives out the gospel message of Jesus.
Catholic schools seek to contribute to the creation of an Australian community that is highly educated, skilled and cultured with an ability to promote and embrace a critical analysis of social issues, the expansion of knowledge and the pursuit of truth. Such a community will be marked by a vigorous intellectual and cultural life, accessible to all. Education has individual and private benefits, but it is also very much a public good whose benefits enhance the whole community. Catholic schools emphasise the contribution of education to the common good of the Australian community 

Who are Catholic Schools for?

Catholic Schools provide primarily for
  • Catholic children who through their baptism, have a right to an education in the Catholic faith in a Catholic school,
  • and then for
  • children, whose parents/guardians wish to entrust their children's future to Catholic schools because of the unique nature of the schools explicit goals and acknowledged educational quality. [The enrolment of non-catholic children, who reside in the school catchment area may take place only when their enrolment would not exclude Catholic children from the school.]

What is distinctive about our Catholic Schools?

  • Promoting a particular view of the person, the community, the nation and the world,centred on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Challenging students to find, through God, meaning and value in their lives.
  • Forming an integral part of a church community in which all generations live, worship and grow together.
  • Critiquing our culture, and challenging community values, as an integral part of their Gospel mission.
  • Aiming to be welcoming and reflective communities whose most distinctive sign is the discernment of God’s presence and their spiritual life.
  • Espousing values which unite Australia by promoting a citizenship infused by a commitment to social justice.
  • Encouraging students to develop an international perspective on their own country and how their country can identify and respond justly to its international obligations.
  • Developing a sense of historical perspective by reflecting on the development of societies and cultures over time, a story of human frailty but of continual efforts to live the Gospel message.
  • Giving priority to educating the spiritually and financially poor and being their advocates.

Enrolment process in this Parish

Because the Catholic school is integrally an important element of Parish life, the first formal part of the enrolment process is our invitation to come to a local community meeting where you will meet the Parish Priest, and members of the Parish, together with the Principals, school leaders and members of the school community. This is an opportunity for you to learn a little about our parish, and to develop an understanding of how the schools and parish work together and support one another in the mission of Jesus.
Meeting dates for 2019:
Torquay (St Therese and Lisieux Schools)                           xxxx
Grovedale (Nazareth and St Catherine of Siena Schools)       xxxx
From here, you will then approach the school of your choice, receive the enrolment papers and continue to make application for your child through that school.  You might want to read the Parish Enrolment Policy and certainly you will need to read the Terms of Acceptance before you fill n the details below, required by the Parish.
We are delighted that you are considering our schools for the education of your children, and look forward to being able to warmly welcome you among us in the future.

Application to enrol a child in one of our Parish Catholic Schools

  • Details for Parish Use.

  • Phone and email Contacts

    Parent 1 / Guardian 1
  • Parent 2 / Guardian 2
  • Preferred method of Contact

  • Your application to enrol a child in one of our Parish Catholic Schools is dependent on your acceptance of the following:

Nazareth Catholic Primary School

Our first school was established and opened in 1979 with 96 students and 4 lay staff, with Sr Rose McGiffin RSM as principal and Fr Bill Gill as parish priest.  At the time of opening, Grovedale was a new suburb on the outskirts of Geelong, attracting many young families to the area. Situated on five acres, it took its name from the town where Jesus grew up.
Today Grovedale is a thriving suburb, expanding into the newer area of Waurn Ponds. The school  boasts a student population of 300 with a staff of 24, supporting them in their learning, growth and development.

St Therese Catholic Primary School

The second of our schools, St Therese, was opened in 1986 with 29 students. Today it has 494 students, and a staff of 44 to support and encourage their learning. Torquay is essentially a semi-rural area on the Surfcoast and most of the families at St Therese live in the immediate Torquay, Jan Juc, and Anglesea areas.

Lisieux Catholic Primary School

Our third school will open in 2018 and we look forward to the day when the first students will arrive, full of anticipation and expectation.