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Enjoy Life with our Kids

A growing feature of the Sunday Eucharist is the withdrawal of children to celebrate their own liturgy of the Word. The usual Sunday process of three readings, interspersed with psalm, silence and acclamation, and enfleshed by homily and prayer of the Faithful, requires a level of concentration of which most children are not capable. Simplifying this part of the celebration, while maintaining its liturgical character, satisfies the needs of the young so that they, too, can celebrate the Eucharist with ‘full, conscious and active participation’ which is ‘their right and duty by virtue of their baptism’. (CSL #14)   
Fr Linh invites children, from preps through to Year 6, to come up to the altar before the Liturgy of the Word begins. He sends them out with a blessing, to spend time with the readings at their own level.  Each Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word is enriched and modified to make it important and relevant to the lives and experiences of young people and children.  
Thay are brought back into the church before the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer, and are then invited up to stand around the altar as we pray the Lord's Prayer.  

Something to keep you busy!

The Christmas Story told by children

Blessing the Christmas Tree

What kind of tree do you have at your house - 
a very modern one      
      a very small one      
            maybe one made of fruit     
                  or a traditional one?            
There are all kinds of Christmas trees and just as there are many different styles, they appear in our homes at different stages of getting ready for Christmas. Some put the tree up and decorate it completely right at the very beginning of Advent; others might wait till Christmas Eve; and others might even put the tree up at the beginning of Advent but only add decorations as the weeks go by. 
The Christmas Tree is today a very secular tradition of our christmas celebrations, but its very presence in our homes can be a powerful symbol for all of us as we anticipate  the birth of the Christ. No matter what kind of tree it is, no matter when it is put up, or when it is decorated, once completed it is worthy of being blessed. 

When you are ready to do the blessing, gather everyone around the tree and designate someone to lead the following prayer.

You will need water or holy water (if available) to celebrate this blessing.

Leader: Loving God, we stand before you once again. We stand here ready to celebrate the birth of your son, Jesus.
(Have everyone extend a hand in a gesture of blessing. Sprinkle water or holy water on the tree while praying the following prayer.)

Leader: Bless this tree, this sign of life and freshness and perseverance in our midst. It stands as a reminder that you are born anew in us each day. Bless our family and friends as we celebrate this joyous season. Keep us safe in our travels, kind in our conversations, and gracious in our giving and receiving. We ask you this in confidence, because we know you love us.
All: Amen.
(Join in singing a favorite Christmas carol, such as “O Christmas Tree” or “Joy to the World.”)