Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Enjoy Life with our Kids

A growing feature of the Sunday Eucharist is the withdrawal of children to celebrate their own liturgy of the Word. The usual Sunday process of three readings, interspersed with psalm, silence and acclamation, and enfleshed by homily and prayer of the Faithful, requires a level of concentration of which most children are not capable. Simplifying this part of the celebration, while maintaining its liturgical character, satisfies the needs of the young so that they, too, can celebrate the Eucharist with ‘full, conscious and active participation’ which is ‘their right and duty by virtue of their baptism’. (CSL #14)   
Fr Linh invites children, from preps through to Year 6, to come up to the altar before the Liturgy of the Word begins. He sends them out with a blessing, to spend time with the readings at their own level.  Each Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word is enriched and modified to make it important and relevant to the lives and experiences of young people and children.  
Thay are brought back into the church before the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer, and are then invited up to stand around the altar as we pray the Lord's Prayer.  

May - the month of Mary

The month of May is dedicated to our Blessed Mother. Durig this month we celebrate the important role Mary has in our faith,  and as Mothers Day is celebrated this month it is a good opportunity to talk to children about the role of Mary - as the Mother of the infant Jesus; as the Mother of the crucified Christ and as the Mother of the church.  The attached colouring activity can be printed onto reasoably strong card paper and then coloured, cut and folded.  
It could be utilised in two ways: 
by placing the names of people the child wants to pray for in the bricks on either side, it becomes a reminder to them to  keep them in their prayers, or
by writing words that describe grandmothers or mothers in the bricks, it can become a lovely reflection of the mothers in thier lives as a gift for Mothers Day.

Feast of the Visitation - May 31

This feast is a great opportunity to learn ablout the Hail Mary and its biblical roots.  The first portioin of the prayer is spoken by the Angel Gabriel when he comes to Mary for the Annunciation. A second portion is spoken by Mary's relative Elizabeth during the Visitation.  The last part is a prayer of suppplication.
There are many words in the "Hail Mary' that perhaps a younger child might need some extra help with, and even an older child might find it beneficial to have a parent explain the meaning of some of the words of the prayer.
Why not print out the 
attached Word Find for a bit of fun learning and then explore some of the words together.