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Just how will we live Lent?

Have you given any thought to how you might  best live Lent in 2018?  There are many ways we can enter into the Lenten period and one that you might consider is to feast on the gospel for this year - Mark's Gospel.  We hear parts of it on Sundays at Mass but how much richer could it be in our lives, if we were to delve more deeply into both the origins and context, and the message it presents?
The Clifton Diocese in England UK has presented a short series of videos (7 in all, between 2 and 12 minutes - no longer!) called 'Exploring Mark' that aims to bring us a little closer to Mark the Evangelist and his account of Jesus, his life and His ministry. The first of the series below, an introduction, comes from Fr Christopher Whitehead who heads up Adult Education and Evangelisation for the Clifton Diocese.
In the next six videos, the commentary is provided by the excellent Nicholas King SJ - an eminent author and Bible scholar and, as the post-nominal letters suggest, Jesuit priest. 

The series has been produced by the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales in collaboration with Clifton Diocese.

Video 1

Video 3

Video 5

Video 2

Video 4