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National Pastoral Leaders and Pastoral Planners Conference

This Conference was held in Melbourne in September 2017 and Archbishop Mark Coleridge spoke on " Plenary 2020 and the Future of the Catholic Church in Australia." His presentation was videoed and is presented below in three sessions.
Part 1 - Bishop Mark speaks to the nature of this journey, some of the lead up events and politics, and of his personal call to 'go' on this journey.
Part 2 - Here Bishop Mark identifies some of the key cultural, political and practical issues to be addresssed, clearly states that 'everything is on the table' and explains that this Plenary Council is a decision-making council.
Part 3 - Bishop Mark makes a heartfelt and simple call to arms for all of us to engage in this journey. 

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

A Plenary Council for the Australian Church

In May 2016, Archbishop Mark Coleridge gave the Annual Knox Lecture and made the first announcement of the Plenary Council for the Australian Church, to be held in 2020. 
Since that time much has been happening in the background:
  • The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has sought and been granted the approval of Pope Francis to convene this Plenary Council
  • the ACBC has established a Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council which is composed of the following bishops: Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop Philip Wilson, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFMConv and Bishop Michael Kennedy.
  • The Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council has announced the names of those who have accepted appointment to the Plenary Council Executive Committee. Their appointment followed an extensive confidential process of consultation across the Australian Church to ensure diversity. Together they bring a variety of gifts, competencies and experience to the work of the Executive Committee. The Committee will work closely with the Bishops Commission to ensure the successful preparation, celebration and implementation of the Plenary Council 2020. 
            The Executive Committee membership with their home diocese is as follows:

Mr Daniel Ang – Broken Bay
Mr Shayne Bennett – Brisbane
Br Ian Cribb SJ – Broken Bay
Dr Gemma Cruz – Melbourne
Sr Moya Hanlen FDNSC – Sydney
Ms Sally Hood – Brisbane
Mr John Lochowiak – Adelaide
Dr Brigid McKenna – Hobart
Ms Sarah Moffatt – Adelaide
Sr Grace Roclawska CSFN – Parramatta
Rev Dr Ormond Rush – Townsville
Dr Debra Sayce – Perth
Mrs Theresa Simon – Sydney (Maronite Church)
Dr Nigel Zimmerman – Parramatta

  • The Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council announced the appointment of Ms Lana Turvey-Collins as the Plenary Council Facilitator. She will work in partnership with members of the Formation Team of Catholic Mission, forming a Plenary Council Facilitation Team which will comprise Fr Noel Connolly SSC and Mr Peter Gates, Deputy National Director of Catholic Mission.
Ms Turvey-Collins has a wealth of experience in senior leadership, strategic planning, facilitation and stakeholder engagement. She has been    seconded from Catholic Mission, where she has been leading the mission formation team and adult formation program. She brings to this role a  passion for God’s mission and believes there is great strength and wisdom in the diversity of the Australian Catholic community. The Bishops Commission welcomes Lana Turvey-Collins to this new role and asks that you pray for her, the Facilitation Team and the Executive Committee as preparation for the Plenary Council 2020 gathers pace.

Bishop Coleridge - Knox Lecture 2016

This, for us, was the kick-off locally. Bishop Coleridge attended the second session of the Synod on marriage and the family in Rome. It’s fair to say he went in the shadow of the impending report of our Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse, but he was inspired by the leadership of Pope Francis and the company of friends. For him, Pope Francis… “Like the God of Abraham…just popped out of nowhere.” In this lecture he traces his journey and imparts a lot of key thoughts that will guide us on the struggle that will, undoubtedly, be the Plenary Council of 2020. It’s a bit lengthy but a charming travel yarn and well worth a read.  Read it here.

The Journey to 2020

September 2017

Bishops, leaders of religious congregations and Catholic lay leaders from across Australia have already come together in Sydney for the first of a series of consultation seminars in the lead up to the historic Plenary Council in 2020.

The consultation seminars, The Journey to 2020: Opening the Conversation to the Plenary Council are being led by the Chair of the Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council, The Archbishop of Brisbane, Most Reverend Mark Coleridge.

In his keynote address Archbishop Coleridge emphasised the importance of ensuring the Plenary Council was a meaningful consultation process.

“This must certainly not be just another talk-fest that risks becoming tokenistic, but one that allows all voices to be heard, that is attuned to the Holy Spirit and which actively seeks out the views of the disaffected as well as those more actively engaged with the Church”, Archbishop Coleridge said.

“The consultation process will drive the agenda of the Plenary Council and social media will play a key role in ensuring that it is as inclusive as possible so that those who are unable to attend the consultations in person can still be actively involved”, he added.

Archbishop Coleridge urged the participants to reflect upon the longer term significance of the Plenary Council.
“The world is watching this process and we can’t therefore afford to see the Plenary
Council as merely significant for the Australian Church”, he said.
“This will indeed help shape the direction of the universal Church as well”.