Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Creating a Synodal Church - speaking with and listening to each other

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Small Group 10

What is God asking of us in Australia at this time?

*To find direction for the future of

What is God asking of us in Australia at this time?

*To find direction for the future of the catholic faith.
*To heal the wrongs of the past and move forward in a positive way.
*To find ways for the church to encourage young people to continue their involvement within the parish to help our faith to thrive and expand.
*To be open to everybody and have the opportunity to provide answers.
*To get out there and be seen to walk the walk.
*To build on the positives e.g. Catholic Education
*To build connections within the parish.
*To look at how the new generation want their faith delivered.
*To find ways to maintain a relevant vital parish life which includes all age groups.
*To rebuild the church using contempory fresh eyes, not just those of older males.
*To question the future of the priesthood i.e. How do they continue to do what is asked of them with lack of numbers, which is relevant to the sacramental life of the church?
*To question the celibate lifestyle – Should it be maintained? Priests who have left to marry, could they not celebrate the sacraments?
*To listen to all, but don’t let this process of Plenary Council small discussion groups, be the only solution. Do what we can now! Not after 2021.
*To engage with others and lead by example – Refugees, climate change
*To be seen to do something about the sexual harassment --married priests, female priests.
*To build on the positives – in our parish the great demand for catholic education is a positive.
*To develop a strong church community, but to the youth they do not see church matters as important.
*To find what the young require to be involved.
*To expand the church to reach young people- we would have to address all issues facing the church.
*To build a vital parish life we need to involve all age groups. Our seats are sometimes empty. Many go north for winter. There are no children for we put off young families who won’t come back.
*To question celibate life style – Is it relevant today?
*To learn how to support priests who hear something about an abuse issue in confession. We could not sleep at night. But celebrant life is not necessarily the cause of abuse.
*To be aware the issue of the seal of confession is being used as a red herring in the media
*To rid our church of tradition for tradition sake, rather than being effective. Many traditions did not start with Jesus.
*To have effective change, it is no use sending in questions, unless we say how we are going to address them.
*To support priests on a wide level as they deal with loneliness and being overworked. A former priest whose wife died has returned to be the priest for the parish of Bannockburn and 3 other large areas. How can he do it?
*To let the principals be in charge of schools not the priests.
*To have more back up for business, administrative and financial matters.

*To concentrate on the question “what does God want?” If we concentrate on the human element we will have to deal with human faults.

*To understand that unless we connect to families and the young generation we will have no structure and no future.
*To rebuild post the “sexual abuse” not just because of the “Royal Commission”.
*To go to Jesus to ask for peace and to practice it locally.

*To make a priest’s role to be primarily pastoral care not administration and finance. With the key point being to reconnect with believers, the disenfranchised, the younger generation and victims as well as those hurt or have lost trust even though they are not victims directly. Yet they cannot associate with the church for what it should have done.
*To realise people don’t join organisations readily and it is hard to get volunteers. We have to accept that the church will be empty sooner than later.

*To learn to deliver to the next generation. Their priorities are different, 2 parents working, OZ kick, sleeping in, going skying, etc. Yet 6 Baptisms at 12’oclock last Sunday.
These families want baptism and catholic education. Some still want to be married in the church and many still to be buried, and many still coming to mass at Christmas and Easter.
*To have the sacraments as new models of belonging and the schools as the new church!
*To provide adult formation and education on relevant topics such as “Peace” which attracted 40 people of all ages. Many are looking for something to be relevant to their lives. Other examples are human rights, climate change, and treatment of refugees.
*To look to other faiths - Christian Fellowship Friday night kids club, and the Presbyterian child minding are flourishing. We are not looking at subgroups!
*To listen to the people - after attending an Arch Diocese Forum 15 years ago where the issues of married priests and women priests, were put to the forum, nothing has changed.
*To understand we have been brought to our Knees! So we have to get up. It is hopeful, as something has to be done!
*To listen to those sitting in the pews, they want to be heard especially about overworked priests, and the need for Parish Councils not just Parish Finance Committees to be obligatory, with voting and minutes published to honour openness and transparency.
*To understand that there are many parishioners who can be involved in lay led assemblies if there is no priest.
*To make changes in Liturgy to involve more children other than only at First Communion. i.e. a different class from our schools, rostered each week to take up the gifts with their families will encourage education and attendance – “Grandma, Mummy and I went to the church, Mummy took up the biscuits and I took up the trophy!”

*To grow our true faith by using Gospel values and the teaching of Jesus.