Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Creating a Synodal Church - speaking with and listening to each other

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Small Group 20

We are called to:
• Make an immediate and humble apology to the victims of

We are called to:
• Make an immediate and humble apology to the victims of abuse, pay compensation fairly without disadvantaging people who have previously been paid an amount and signed a non-disclosure agreement.
• Adopt the “Lifeboat” model as a practical approach to helping the people still suffering from abuse.
• Follow Pope Francis’ example to see clericalism as problem to be overcome. Challenge the notion held by both privileged clerics and the laity that the Hierarchy can do no wrong.
• Allow married clergy. There are already ex-Anglican married priests who have received holy orders.
• Return married ex-priests to active priesthood in the church.
• The Australian bishops need to adopt the style of active leadership shown by Archbishop Mannix.
• Divorced and remarried people should be allowed to receive communion.
• Allow women clergy. Jesus treated women with great respect.
• Show tolerance to all including LGBYI people.
• Be clear about the issues of contraception and abortion without persecuting those who can’t follow.
• Provide the highest quality of palliative care and resist assisted dying.
• Be more active in liaison with Muslims and other Christian faiths.
• Be more active in working with government and charitable bodies to address the problem of homelessness, noting that many are victim of mental health issues.
• Work to get immediate justice for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru.
• Allow more freedom to modernise the liturgy. Noting that the creed is often omitted, some words don’t feel right(e.g. ‘consubstantial’), many people engage in other activities on Sunday morning, less in the afternoon.