Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Creating a Synodal Church - speaking with and listening to each other

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Joe Remenyi

Bishops Must Act Now to Help Victims of Sexual Abuse
The Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse is over, but already the needs of victims are not a priority. The Catholic Bishops of Australia stated before the Commission that they could act immediately, yet no action is evident. LifeBoat is a means by which Catholics and the Catholic Hierarchy can do the needful.

Margaret K

There is a malaise in our church! A deep emptiness and even desolation that strikes at the

Paul Daffey

I believe that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in

Joe Annetts

I would like to thank the theology group for initiating this discourse in the parish and commend the

Gerry Baldock

I welcome the news that our Nazareth Parish will be participating in preparations for the 2020

Peter Wilkinson

I have today accidentally, and happily, come across your parish website, and was delighted to see

Women in the Church - Anonymous

Women in the Church. We need to have some part in decision making not to become priests or bishops!!

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