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Here you will find all sorts of things that are chosen to help us all grow in the mission of God's people to continue on the way to sainthood!

Home is where you know you belong.

Have you by any chance met Margaret Malone yet?  She is new to our parish and slowly settling into the Torquay community. Now it would be almost impossible to make note of every new parishioner in this fasion but there is a special reason for introducing Margaret to you.
Good Samaritan Sister Margaret Malone trained as a teacher and taught at all levels; her last appointment was as a lecturer at Australian Catholic University where she taught sacraments, liturgy, and social justice. Since then, her main work has been in formation throughout her own order and with the Benedictine monks at New Norcia. She has given retreats internationally and nationally.
Margaret has recently returned to the area she has grown up in, after many years carrying out her ministry in Western Australia. She has family in our surrounds, as well as many school friends and she is glad to be home once more.  As she packed her bags and belongings the experience of moving back to Victoria ocassioned some deep reflection on the whole process of what coming home means. Her article "ON COMING HOME" was first published in The Good Oil, the e-magazine of the Good Samaritan Sisters. It can also be found here.
Reading this article, you may be challenged to stop and think about the concept of 'home' and just what it means for you. Reflect upon the home of your parents where you grew up; think about the home you have made for yourself in your adult lives; and perhaps think about the home you have in the midst of our faith community.
Do we really feel that our community is our home?  Are we comfortable in our acceptance that this is where we belong? What might make us or others feel that they are outside the home?
Jack Bentz, S.J., lives in Boise, Idaho, and works with the Jesuit Conference. He writes for America Magazine and lately he has published two articles which fit very nicely after a contemplation of 'Home' and what it might mean to make others welcome in our faith community.  Read them below and see what you think

Did you know...

...that we have a new feastday?
The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments announced in early March this year, that Pope Francis had decided to add the Feast of "Mary, Mother of the Church" to the Church's calendar as an 'obligatory memorial' to be celebrated on the Monday immediately following the Feast of Pentecost.
(An 'Obligatory Memorial' means that the particular feast takes precedence over any other feast day in a national calendar.) 
 Mary is essentially a Mother. She was predestined from all eternity, included in the very decree of the Incarnation, to be the Mother of the Son of God made man. In that predestination is included not only her physical or biological maternity in relation to her Son, but also her spiritual maternity in regard to all the redeemed children of God, the disciples of her Son. 

All of God’s children, redeemed by Jesus’ blood, death and Resurrection, constitute the family of God which is the Church. Mary is thus, at the same time, Mother of the Church, of the people of God, of the pastors and the faithful.

This title, Mary, Mother of the Church, was solemnly proclaimed by Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964, at the closing ceremony of the third session of Vatican II.
For the Church in Australia, we will celebrate this new feastday on May 21 this year.