Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Our Parish wishes you all a joyous Christmas and a New Year filled with renewed hope and peace. 

We look forward to welcoming our visitors during this festive.  summer holiday season,
as we gather for the celebrations of the Eucharist.

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NO matter how you say it, we say  WELCOME ...

Babies are Game Changers!

Joe Paprocki  (of Catechist's Journey and Loyola Press) has this to say about the Christ Child's birth:
"When we think of Jesus coming into our world as a baby, we can easily be lulled into lovely, peaceful images of cuddly babies sleeping in heavenly peace. The truth is, babies are “game changers!” The dictionary defines a game changer as “an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.”

Having a baby is a game changer. You know this if you are a parent or know someone who has entered into parenthood. You no longer are in control of your own life: when you sleep, when you eat, when you relax, when you exercise, when you go shopping, when you visit friends, how you spend your money. From the moment a child enters into your life, you learn what it truly means to lay down your life—to set your own needs aside in favor of tending to the needs of another. It is a profound conversion and a rearranging of priorities.

Jesus entered our world as a baby. Our celebration of the Incarnation reminds us that the birth of Jesus is a game changer: his arrival signals the need for each of us to rearrange our priorities. Babies are cute, adorable, and their arrival brings great joy, and Baby Jesus is no exception. However, babies are game changers, and Jesus’ birth into our lives, which we celebrate at Christmas, is the biggest game changer of all!

May the birth of the Christ child bring about in each of our lives “a significant shift in the current manner of doing and thinking,” so as to better reflect the will of God."
Fo those of us who have had the experience of bringing a child to birth - yes we know the nature of the 'game changer' in our lives only too well! Just as we continually give thanks for how our children have shaped our lives, we should also contemplate the presence of this Christ Child in our lives,  and  appreciate the change that He brings to our lives. Perhaps we should also ask how we have been changed by Him.