Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Easter is not a time for heroes. It represents the church as a bunch of frightened men, leavened by a few courageous women, confronted with the death of a great dream in the tortured execution of their leader who is abandoned by God and his followers, their own sense of themselves destroyed by their betrayal in flight, their organisation in tatters and headless, held together momentarily by fear of leaving town.
They then find to their joy that their leader and their dream are alive and that they, flight, betrayal and all, are the tinder for a great blaze bound together by their joy and the mission to the world. They too are sinners on whom God has had mercy, gathering together other sinners on whom God has also had mercy, to live out the joy of it all.   
Andrew  Hamilton SJ ,"Eureka Street"
Our prayer for you this Easter season is
that the graces of these days
will bring you great peace and joy
and the energy to live and proclaim
the Good News of Jesus Christ in all that you do.

 No matter who you are or what you are,
you are WELCOME among us

Easter is all about Baptism - we are either preparing to be baptised or we are renewing the vows of our baptisms. In this video from Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), Sarah Hart captures the sacrament of Baptism beautifully with lyrics that come from her own experience of life. Listen to her story in the first couple of minutes and then listen to the song about half way through, thinking about the baptism at the Easter Vigil or even your own baptism.

Did you know...

...that we have a new feastday?
The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments announced in early March this year, that Pope Francis had decided to add the Feast of "Mary, Mother of the Church" to the Church's calendar as an 'obligatory memorial' to be celebrated on the Monday immediately following the Feast of Pentecost.
(An 'Obligatory Memorial' means that the particular feast takes precedence over any other feast day in a national calendar.) 
 Mary is essentially a Mother. She was predestined from all eternity, included in the very decree of the Incarnation, to be the Mother of the Son of God made man. In that predestination is included not only her physical or biological maternity in relation to her Son, but also her spiritual maternity in regard to all the redeemed children of God, the disciples of her Son. 

All of God’s children, redeemed by Jesus’ blood, death and Resurrection, constitute the family of God which is the Church. Mary is thus, at the same time, Mother of the Church, of the people of God, of the pastors and the faithful.

This title, Mary, Mother of the Church, was solemnly proclaimed by Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964, at the closing ceremony of the third session of Vatican II.
For the Church in Australia, we will celebrate this new feastday on May 21 this year. 


We are called to say yes.
That the kingdom might break through
To renew and to transform
Our dark and groping world.
We stutter and we stammer
To the lone God who calls
And pleads a New Jerusalem
In the bloodied Sinai Straights.
We are called to say yes
That honeysuckle may twine
And twist its smelling leaves
Over the graves of nuclear arms.
We are called to say yes
That children might play
On the soil of Vietnam where the tanks
Belched blood and death.
We are called to say yes
That black may sing with white
And pledge peace and healing
For the hatred of the past.
We are called to say yes
So that nations might gather
And dance one great movement
For the joy of humankind.
We are called to say yes
So that rich and poor embrace
And become equal in their poverty
Through the silent tears that fall.
We are called to say yes
That the whisper of our God
Might be heard through our sirens
And the screams of our bombs.
We are called to say yes
To a God who still holds fast
To the vision of the Kingdom
For a trembling world of pain.
We are called to say yes
To this God who reaches out
And asks us to share
His crazy dream of love.
From Edwina Gateley, "There Was No Path So I Trod One" (1996, 2013)