Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

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News and Events

First Communion - A Day of Rejoicing!

Sundays in September bought special joy to our parish as we celebrated the first time many of our children were able to come to the Table of the Eucharist to receive Communion.

Each year we celebrate First Communion with a different group of our children, and yet it never looses its significance for us as a parish community. We come together as one family to invite our young people to the eucharistic table and share with them them the excitement and the joy of the occasion. Below is a selection of photos from the various ceremonies where you can note the pride and delight of everyone - and we do mean everyone...from the babes in arms, through the mums and dads and brothers and sisters, the aunts and uncles and friends, and all the grandparents who were present. 

Congratulations to all - and our special prayer is that the day of your First Commuion will always be remembered as a very special day, even though you will celebrate Eucharist so many more times throughout your llives.

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