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Blessing of Star of the Sea Aged Care

On Friday August 24, 2018, the new Star of the Sea Aged Care Facility was blessed and officially opened.

As the Regional Bishop for the Western area of the Melbourne Archdiocese, Bishop Mark Edwards came to bless the community living there, the staff and the buildings that have become both a home for the residents and a place of work for the staff.
A very warm and welcoming liturgy had been prepared and Bishop Mark added his own warmth to the prayers and blessing of the people in the chapel and to the blessing of the rooms as he went from one to another. After the formality of the blessing. everyone was invited to a stay for lunch and to speak with and enjoy the company of the residents.
The blessing was attended by family of the residents as well as a good representation of parishioners, and it was delightful to see both of our schools represented by the Principals and several students.  Of course, there was also a good representation of VMCH personnel there as you will see from the photos.

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