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Commissioning of Our Teachers

On Sunday 17th of February, we welcomed two very special groups to our Sunday Eucharistic celebrations.

In the very early part of the school year, we asked the teachers of our three schools to celebrate with us, and to be commissioned to their role of educators within the parish for the coming year.
At the same time, we invited all our new Prep students and their families to come along and share this special occasion. 
As you can see from the photos below, both St Therese Church and Nazareth Church were full, almost creating an overflow. There were kids galore, brave parents trying to ensure good behaviour, teachers anticipating the coming weeks of Term 1, and parishioners welcoming all. And of course our Parish Priest, Fr Linh Tran, leading us in prayer.  Just one of those very special days!

2019-02-17 08.52.44.jpg  2019-02-17 09.44.10.jpg  2019-02-17 09.44.38.jpg  2019-02-17 09.44.50.jpg  2019-02-17 10.35.58.jpg  2019-02-17 11.15.16.jpg  2019-02-17 11.30.42.jpg  2019-02-17 11.40.49.jpg  2019-02-17 11.40.57.jpg