Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea


 Our faith calls us to be open to those on the fringes of society - to listen to their stories and to come to some undertanding of their life situations. It is only in this empathic environment that we will become the hands and the feet of Jesus for all.  Those of us who have homosexual friends and famliy know some of the stories of the LGBT community, yet others may not have any contact with them. One way to become more aware is to read, watch and listen to stories already available.  

Spiritual Insights for LGBT Catholics, from Fr James Martin SJ

Dear friends: I am so very happy to share this new video with you, which we've been working on for many weeks. It is a response to the many LGBT Catholics, especially young people, who have asked me for spiritual advice and counsel in the last few months. Over and over, LGBT people and their families have asked me about God's love for them, about their place in the church, and about so many other important pastoral topics. I can't answer all these questions individually, so I thought that this video will help. When I wrote and recorded it, I especially had in mind young people, perhaps having just come out, and who were struggling with their faith in God and their place in the Catholic church. But the video is also for adult LGBT Catholics who continue to struggle and hope.

I'm very grateful to Colleen Dulle for producing such a beautiful video, and for all my colleagues at America Media, including Matt Malone, SJ, for their support in this ministry.