PDF11-12 August 201819th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF04-05 August 201818th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF28-29 July 201817th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF21-22 July 201816th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF14-15 July 201815th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF7-8 July 201814th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF30 June-1 July 201813th Sunday in Ordinary Time, ATSI Sunday
PDF23-24 June 2018The Nativity of St John the Baptist
PDF16-17 June 201811th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF09-10 June 201810th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF2-3 June 2018Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
PDF27-27 May 2018Trinity Sunday
PDF19-20 May 2018Pentecost Sunday
PDF12-13 May 2018The Ascension of the Lord
PDF5-6 May 20166th Sunday of Easter
PDF28-29 April 20185th Sunday of Easter
PDF21-22 April 20184th Sunday of Easter
PDF14-15 April 20183rd Sunday of Easter
PDF7-8 April 2018 Divine Mercy Sunday
PDF01 April 2018Easter Sunday
PDF24-25 March 2018Palm Sunday
PDF17-18 March 20185th Sunday of Lent
PDF10-11 March 20184th Sunday of Lent
PDF3-4 March 20183rd Sunday of Lent
PDF24-25 February 20182nd Sunday of Lent
PDF17-18 February 20181st Sunday of Lent
PDF10th-11th February 20186th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF3-4 February 20185th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF27-28 January 20184th Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF20-21 January 20183rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
PDF13-14 January 20182nd Sunday in Ordinary time
PDF6-7 January 2018The Epiphany of the Lord
PDF30-31st December 2017Feast of the Holy Family
PDF23-24 December 20174th Sunday of Advent

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