Mrs. Moira Kopke

5422 1261
Child Safe Standards Mr Ben Donnelly 0478 850 754

Altar Linen

Parishioners on Roster





Annointing of the Sick Parish Office 5422 1261




Children's Liturgy Josie Rutledge 54235248

Church Set-up

Mrs Tricia Bowe

5422 2274




Communion to the Sick Parish Office 5422 1261


Mrs Aileen Riordon

5422 1261









Volunteer Parishioners

5422 1261


Hospital visitation

Kerri Ruff



Implementation Committee Mr. Joe Fleming

Instrumental Music

Mrs. Mary Potton

5422 2644


Lectors & Extro. Ministers of Eucharist

Parishioners on Rosters




Parish Office

5422 1261


Marist Brothers Old Boys Assoc. Inc.

Through the parish office

5422 1261


Marriage Preparation

Fr Declan O'Brien

5422 1261


Office Assistance (Bulletin folding)

Parishioner on Roster

5422 2274


Parish Accountant

Mr. Adrian Plowman

5422 2622




Combined Parishes Finance Committee

Mrs. Aileen Riordan

5422 1683


Procession of the Gifts

Parishioners on Rosters



Rosary Statue

Mrs. Tricia Bowe

5422 2274



Parishioners on Roster



Parish Support Programme

Parish Office

5422 1261


Parish Hall

Parish Office

5422 1261





Fr Declan O'Brien

5422 1261

Cooks who Care Parish Office 5422 1261




We Care Mrs Liz Turang 5422 1264

Pre Loved Pedlar OP Shop

Parishioners on Roster or through the Parish Office

5422 7134

St Mary Magdalen's Op Shop

Kath Morrison

5424 1583 


Garden and Maintenance

Mrs Belinda Ryan

5422 2056




Parents and Friends    
School Education Board    
School Finance C'tee Mr Brian Donovan 5422 2056

Any Parishioner in Kyneton or Trentham parishes wishing to participate in any of these ministries, please contact the coordinator concerned