Jesus Entrusts His Work To Us

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Jesus Entrusts His Work to Us

The Ascension marks the end of Christ's earthly mission and His glorious return to the Father. He had achieved the work he was sent to do. While the heavens wait for the arrival of the ascending Lord, the apostles must have been experiencing a deep sadness in their hearts at His departure. His final words 'I am with you always. Go make disciples of all nations' while full of comfort were urgent in meaning. He was entrusting them with the mission of making the love of God the Father known.

If we reflect within our hearts the meaning of this great feast, we can focus on what we must do to be with Christ forever. We are to continue the work of those who have gone before us and help build up Christ's kingdom. In a world full of expectations, with disappointments and frustrations, we turn sorrow into happiness by being His comforting word. What we are, speaks more loudly than either what we say or what we do. He is counting on us. Our prayer is that He will renew within us the work of the Spirit so that we may know what is true and have the strength to do what is right.

Fr. Arsenio

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