St. Vincent de Paul Society Conference

Co-ordinator / Leader Ron Smith
Contact Number Parish House: 9876 3077 or 9876 3717
Members / Participants 24
Year the group started ~ 1972
Gathering place / time Monday 7:30 p.m. in the Parish House
Main Function / Purpose Visiting the poor and needy in the area in their homes, bringing personal and material assistance.
Major Event Winter Appeal - July
Christmas hamper and toy distribution - December
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St. Vincent de Paul's Australian web site -
Donation Hotline 13 18 12

Background and Objectives

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organization. Traditionally and still today, the primary objectives of the Society are the spiritual growth of its members, and the heightening of awareness of the Kingdom of Christ in the community. We accomplish these objectives by following Christ's commandment to "love thy neighbour", which we do by going to the needy in our community, visiting in their homes, bringing friendship, and what relief we can, in both short and more importantly the long term.

The Holy Spirit Conference, which embraces Park Orchards, Ringwood North and Warrandyte, has 23 members, who are currently working with seventy-two households in the parish areas. Of these, 10% are aged pensioners, 30% are either unemployed or on very low income, 30% are on disability pension and 30% are solo parents. Sixty-eight children live in these homes, and experience frequent disadvantage, sometimes serious.

In 2012 the Conference provided material assistance to the value of $45,800 to the various households. Of this sum, $30,600 worth of food was provided. Of the remainder, education expenses, rent and utilities were the main needs where help was given.

Case Study

John (not his real name) is one of three children in the family. Both he and his younger brother suffer from autism. John's father has given up his well-remunerated employment to help his wife provide a home in which the children can be nurtured, and given the best chance in life, despite their disabilities. Living on welfare has been extremely difficult for the family, and many sacrifices have been made for the sake of the children.

Holy Spirit Conference members have visited the family regularly over several years, providing encouragement, support and friendship, as well as assistance with food for the family.

All of the children are making progress with their schooling, and the future for them is much less doubtful than it might have been.

How Vinnies can help (YouTube)

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