Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Be-Eu

Beatrice & Leslie Elias

Plaque 125

Beatrice& Leslie Elias

I chose my parents because they helped many people throughout their lives.During WWII by “slightly overbrowning” pies and pasties in their pie shop and reducing prices (or giving for free) to enable needy people to have a meal with dignity, then over many years taking food to families in need.They never had much money but helped many in need.

by: Yvonne Dowsey

Bernard Dossetter

Plaque 78

Bernard Dossetter

I chose Grandad because he was a Staff Sergeant Signals Training Officer of the Nigerian Army in the 1960’s.Grandad helped the Nigerians protect their country.He often had to show compassion to his troops knowing the times they had been through.

by: Luke Dossetter

Bill & Shirley Webb

Plaque 193

Bill & Shirley Webb

I chose Bill and Shirley Webb as they showed unconditional love to everyone they met.Bill was a prisoner of war in Changi in WW2 and suffered for 3 years.But together with Shirley he used this experience to teach their children the power of love and forgiveness.

They taught through example how to live faith filled and compassionate lives to their 7 children and families.

by: Phillipa Higgins

Brian Hodgson

Plaque 46

Brian Hodgson

I chose my Pop because I think he is a merciful person because he is always willing to help others and their needs above his own!He is kind, generous and a compassionate human being.

by: Abbey Fletcher

Fr. Carmelo Simoncelli

Plaque 12

Fr. Carmelo Simoncelli

Fr. Simoncelli came to Japan in 1950 as a Salesian priest and worked at our parish in Tokyo from 1975 – 1985.His mottos are “if it’s God’s will”, “our eyes are for others”, “our hands are for others”, “our heart is made to love others”.He showed these words by emptying himself to love others.He is 89 years old now.

by: Yasuharu and Hiroko Sugimoto

Christine Punturere

Plaque 89

Christine Punturere

I chose Christine because she would always forgive me for my mistakes.She would care for me and she loves me!Also, in times of need or stress, she would be there to care for me.

by: Jacob Kingston

Clare Quinn

Plaque 79

Clare Quinn

I chose my Nanny because she shows that she can be and is a role model.Clare goes to Church nearly every weekend.My Nanny is also very nice and caring for her grandchildren, even the oldest.Clare shows mercy to each and every person.

by: Alexandra Quinn

Doris Holmes

Plaque 64

Doris Holmes

My Great Grandma Doris Holmes, is a very special person who represents the “Face of Mercy” for me. She is a model of love, compassion and inspires me in many ways. She is the oldest in my family being 94 years old and I love her so much and I am so lucky to still have her.She inspires me by being able to live for this long and is still driving and telling me what to do. I love touching her hair which she hates as she gets it done at the hairdressers before she sees us. She is funny and tells us great jokes even when she laughs all the way through it.

by: Amelia Chapman

Eleanor White

Plaque 111

Eleanor White

I chose my daughter Eleanor because she is a model of mercy to me and to all her family and friends.She does not only visit those in prison, comfort the sick, sad and lonely and wisely counsel the troubled, but she does so with generosity, kindness, grace, love and compassion.She gives forgiveness freely, willingly with abundant love.

by: Kate Graham

Ellen Catherine English (1898 - 1987)

Plaque 17

Ellen Catherine English
(1898 - 1987)

I chose my mother because she was gentle, generous, consistently hardworking with James, gave their 3 children Catholic education unlike her education (Catholic) relinquished in favour of siblings.

Possibly ahead of her time, in believing she shouldn’t have to remain a worker for her birth family.She ran farms (dairy) rising at 4 am, seven days, plus shops.Fasting, 18 hours before Holy Communion, Sundays.

by: Annette Heskett

Mrs. Ethel Hunt

Plaque 15

Mrs. Ethel Hunt

We chose Ethel because she was a loving, caring and compassionate woman to family and beyond.In humble, unassuming and practical ways, Ethel supported people suffering from mental illness, depression and disabilities.She cared for the poor, Aboriginal community, and orphans.She had an incredible sense of justice.Ethel lived the words, “To know all is to forgive all”.Her life has inspired successive generations.

by: Noel and Marea Richardson

Fr. Eugene San

Plaque 13

Fr. Eugene San

I chose Fr. Eugene because I see him as a genuine face of mercy.Through working with him while he was at our parish, he began to be an inspirational model for me – a faith-filled Catholic who lives out his beliefs in everyday life.

Fr. Eugene is a caring, considerate, understanding and always willing to assist in his own humble way.He is how I imagine Jesus would be in our world today.

by: Karen McQuade

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