Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Ka-Mag

Kath Hamill

Plaque 32

Kath Hamill

I chose Nana Kath because she is very kind.My Nana is honest and helpful to me and my family.My Nana often looks after us, she cooks for us and is very helpful in the community. My Nana is a good Christian and sets a good example.

by: Jackson Habib

Kath Youlten

Plaque 23

Kath Youlten

I chose Kath Youlten because for the past 35 years Kath has volunteered her time as a committee member for Trefoil Guiding Group and Thornbirds Ladies Group. Kath is a wonderful example of living a merciful life through the tireless hours she has spent on these committees fundraising for charity. Kath and her friends have supported well over 50 different charities showing much kindness compassion and love.

by: TBA

Kathleen Desmond

Plaque 107

Kathleen Desmond

I chose Nan because in her younger years she suffered due to illness and spent a long time away from her family.As a consequence, she had a lot of empathy and compassion for anyone in need.Due to her physical restrictions, her way of helping people was to pray for whatever needs they had.

by: The Loughron and McCartney family

Sr. Kathleen Ignatius R.S.M.

Plaque 166

Sr. Kathleen Ignatius

I chose Aunty Kathleen because she shows mercy and has always been a special person in my life.She is always kind and caring and gives me advice when I need it.She is generous with her time, taking me on train trips and outings.She shares with me her faith passed on by her mother, who is my grandmother.

by: Angela Shepherd

Kathy Reardon

Plaque 184

Kathy Reardon

I chose my Mum, Kathy Reardon because her selflessness and generosity have been a model for me to follow, especially since becoming a mother myself.

I pray that my children will see me the same way I see Mum – someone that will always be there for them and love them unconditionally.

by: Emily Woodhams

Kay Ficinus

Plaque 96

Kay Ficinus

I chose my Granny because she is very thoughtful and helpful to all of her six children and all of her 11 grandchildren.She is kind and loving and spiritual. My Granny is a model of Mercy to me because she is Merciful.

by: Daniel Ficinus

Kevin & Pat Callanan

Plaque 136

Kevin & Pat Callanan

I chose my Uncle Kev and Aunty Pat as models of mercy because of the inspiring way their faith informed their lives. During the refugee crisis in the late 1970’s, when thousands of Vietnamese ‘boat’ people arrived in Australia, they opened their home to one young refugee couple Tuyen and Tuoi Do. Pat and Kevin offered support and a new start in life for them by providing accommodation in their garage which had been recently refitted. All this while maintaining a normal life with their own family, with 3 teenagers still at home. Tuyen and Tuoi stayed with them for 9 months before moving on to integrate into Australian life. In the process they became an important part of Kevin and Pat’s family (and our extended family).

Kevin was also a regular volunteer for many years at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy, a commitment that Pat took over after Kevin’s sudden death at aged 56, and continued for another 20 years. The love, compassion and work for social justice they modelled, continues to inspire me and I feel so blessed to have them as a beloved Uncle and Aunty.

by: Mary Ryan

Leo Brophy

Plaque 7

Leo Brophy

I chose Leo Brophy because his great love for people from all walks of life saw him set up schools in Africa, support others to get on their feet.He was most well-known for his advocacy through the many years he spent writing articles to bring attention to the plight of the disadvantaged.

by: Carmel Brennan Cathy and Nathan Donnison

Beatrice & Leslie Elias

Plaque 125

Beatrice& Leslie Elias

I chose my parents because they helped many people throughout their lives.During WWII by “slightly overbrowning” pies and pasties in their pie shop and reducing prices (or giving for free) to enable needy people to have a meal with dignity, then over many years taking food to families in need.They never had much money but helped many in need.

by: Yvonne Dowsey

Louise Hinds

Plaque 1

Louise Hinds

I chose Louise Hinds because during her 76 years of life, Louise quietly and humbly came to the rescue of so many acquaintances, friends and family.She was a warm haven to anyone in need.One-on-one Louise eased people through grief, loneliness, fear and practical needs.

Her vocation in life was to serve others.

by: Pauline Williams

Lyn Davey

Plaque 66

Lyn Davey

I chose Lyn Davey because she knits hats and clothing for babies in hospital and the under privileged. Lyn always welcomes you with open arms. She spends so much time helping others and it’s important to her to pay her respects to God in church. When I grow up I would like to be like Lyn.

by: Ella Davey

Aunty Maggie

Plaque 18

Aunty Maggie

I chose Aunty Maggie because of her generous works of love and kindness in caring for us siblings as we were growing up.Always giving of herself in meeting our needs, without question, without complaint.In spite of the darkness, her light shone through her acts of love and mercy.

by: Ingrid Jansz

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