Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Ri-Z

Tineke Elderhorst

Plaque 121

Tineke Elderhorst

I chose my sister because she always told me to be good.Just before she died, just after her first Communion, she held my hand and said “I’ll be waiting for you in heaven, always love Jesus”.These words are in my head every day.

by: Ann Gysberts

Tommy Beirne

Plaque 147

Tommy Beirne

I chose my father because he taught me to treat everyone I meet with courtesy and kindness, always saying….it costs nothing to be nice….

by: Ida Brotherton

Wendy Venables

Plaque 20

Wendy Venables

I chose Wendy because she inspired me with her compassionate and caring nature towards all people regardless of colour or creed.My friendship with Wendy started 15 years ago with our mutual love of craft.Staunch in her religious beliefs as a “Salvationist” and caring for people with disabilities for many years.I am grateful that Wendy is still my patchwork friend to this day.

by: Margaret Anderson

Who Am I?

Plaque 128

Who Am I?

Look for a ‘face of mercy’ in your life during the coming week and say thank you to them and thank you to God for them.

by: -

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