Wall of Mercy Plaques: 1-16

Louise Hinds

Plaque 1

Louise Hinds

I chose Louise Hinds because during her 76 years of life, Louise quietly and humbly came to the rescue of so many acquaintances, friends and family.She was a warm haven to anyone in need.One-on-one Louise eased people through grief, loneliness, fear and practical needs.

Her vocation in life was to serve others.

by: Pauline Williams

John Hayes aka Mick/Poppa

Plaque 3

John Hayes
aka Mick/Poppa

I chose Poppa, our great grandfather because Poppa was the father of 2, grandfather of 9 and great grandfather of 18. Born in 1916, he died 3 months short off a century. He joined the military police during the 2nd World War. After, he was a district inspector for the Melbourne Tramways for over 40 years. He and Nana moved to Rye when he retired – he LOVED the ocean! He cared for Nan until she died at 73. For the next 26 years he lived independently, volunteered for the blind association for 10 years, gave up a 60yr smoking habit and sat for hours on the beach with friends each day. He was very active in his care home up until his last week. His warm heart, caring ways, cheeky manner and great humour ensured he was loved by and loved many people during his life.

by: Manson Family

Maryanne Scott

Plaque 6

Maryanne Scott

I chose my Nana, Maryanne Scott, because she touched our lives very much. She also had a strong faith with God. Anyone she came across she gave the same respect as she did to others. We love her very much and may she rest in peace.

by: Tori and the Stone Family

Leo Brophy

Plaque 7

Leo Brophy

I chose Leo Brophy because his great love for people from all walks of life saw him set up schools in Africa, support others to get on their feet.He was most well-known for his advocacy through the many years he spent writing articles to bring attention to the plight of the disadvantaged.

by: Carmel Brennan Cathy and Nathan Donnison

Patricia O'Sullivan

Plaque 8

Patricia O'Sullivan

I chose my Mum because she was very dedicated to her faith and family - that was her life.The mother of 7 children and living on a farm, she encountered many challenges – floods, droughts and raising 7 children, but always made the most of the little that she had. Mum passed away on 19th December 2015, a week before her 90th birthday, with all her family around her.

by: Maureen Taffe

Nancy D’Allensndro & Marjorie Story

Plaque 9

Nancy D’Allensndro &
Marjorie Story

I chose Nancy and Marjorie because these two ladies have been a part of my life for almost 70 years. One of strong Catholic Italian back ground, the other equally strong Church of England. To me they represent grace, humanity, charity, love and kindness. Always there when needed, no questions asked, ready to help whatever the situation.

by: Shirley Graham

Annie Therese Nolan

Plaque 11

Annie Therese Nolan

I chose my grandmother because she was “A light of mercy in my life”…The mother of 9 children and a mentally ill husband.This woman had a tough life. The love, care and mercy that she showed everyone whom she met on her path of life changed people. Nana came to live with our family (of 9) before I was born. She was my second mother. Her unconditional, love and mercy gave me the tools of which guide my life.

by: Tina Toomey

Fr. Carmelo Simoncelli

Plaque 12

Fr. Carmelo Simoncelli

Fr. Simoncelli came to Japan in 1950 as a Salesian priest and worked at our parish in Tokyo from 1975 – 1985.His mottos are “if it’s God’s will”, “our eyes are for others”, “our hands are for others”, “our heart is made to love others”.He showed these words by emptying himself to love others.He is 89 years old now.

by: Yasuharu and Hiroko Sugimoto

Fr. Eugene San

Plaque 13

Fr. Eugene San

I chose Fr. Eugene because I see him as a genuine face of mercy.Through working with him while he was at our parish, he began to be an inspirational model for me – a faith-filled Catholic who lives out his beliefs in everyday life.

Fr. Eugene is a caring, considerate, understanding and always willing to assist in his own humble way.He is how I imagine Jesus would be in our world today.

by: Karen McQuade

Nony Chong

Plaque 14

Nony Chong

I chose my oldest sister, Nony, because she represents the word “mercy” in every sense – graceful, compassionate and exudes kindness in all that she does.

There was one day in my early 20s when Nony was driving me to the airport.I got angry when

the car in front of us suddenly made a right turn without indicating but Nony said calmly, “maybe he didn’t realise his indicator wasn’t working”.That’s very her, always slow to anger, always seeing the good rather than the faults in others.That incident made me realise how much I wanted to be like her, and to raise a God-loving family, just like her.

To this day she continues to inspire me with her unwavering faith in God and leading a prayerful life.She’s my oldest sibling but more importantly, she’s a role model to me in more ways than she ever realised.

by: Cecilia Chong

Mrs. Ethel Hunt

Plaque 15

Mrs. Ethel Hunt

We chose Ethel because she was a loving, caring and compassionate woman to family and beyond.In humble, unassuming and practical ways, Ethel supported people suffering from mental illness, depression and disabilities.She cared for the poor, Aboriginal community, and orphans.She had an incredible sense of justice.Ethel lived the words, “To know all is to forgive all”.Her life has inspired successive generations.

by: Noel and Marea Richardson

John Foley

Plaque 16

John Foley

I chose my Grandad because he always rings his 97 year-old mother every day at 11:00 to see how she is.He takes communion to people in nursing homes.He always makes his 13 grandchildren laugh and makes us spoilt.We love our Grandad.

by: Phoebe Brown (age 8 in 2016)

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