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Looking to the Future - A Reflection

Last weekend, at all Masses on the 5th Sunday in Ordinary time, Fr. Ralph Besterwitch presented his reflection on the future of St. Christopher's parish. As it was an important homily and lays out ideas and plans for St. Christopher's Parish going forward, his reflection is reproduced here for all parishioners to have a chance to read it, in case you were not present on the weekend...

St. Christopher's Fete

St. Christopher's Fete is coming up soon! Saturday 24th Feb is just around the corner...
On Saturday 10th Feb, we had our fete volunteers briefing, and the turnout was fantastic, with over 100 volunteers! 

Archbishop Denis Hart's Christmas Message

Read Archbishop Denis Hart's Christmas Message to all parishioners...

menALIVE Christmas Party

St Christopher’s menALIVE small group members got together with their spouses and our two priests to celebrate Christmas on 9 Dec 2017.

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