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St. Christopher's Fete

St. Christopher's Fete is just around the corner. Do come and support and bring your friends along! 23rd February 10am to 4pm.

A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE from Fr Pat & Fr Ralph

Christmas always seems to generate in us a feeling of happiness and excitement, more because of the many things that happen at this festive time. However, we must remind ourselves that the very reason for this season is that God chose to make His home among His people here on earth.

Thinking about the Nativity scene, I have always been struck by the fact that there are no fences, no doors, no gates. There may be queues but there is no charge; and definitely no reserved seating! It is always open, and often depicts the Christ-child with his arms outstretched in welcome. When I look at it, I am reminded of the hymn we sing often ‘Come As You Are’. For all those who have come to worship tonight (today) - that's how He wants us to come - just as we are. We don't need to wait ‘to become better’ to be embraced by the Lord. God meets us right where we are, and sometimes in the most unexpected places, including in our own painful situations, our own wilderness, our own spiritual struggles.

May this Christmas generate in you good feelings of happiness and joy, knowing that our God-is-with-us and walks with us, on the journey of life.

Have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!  Fr Pat and Fr Ralph

 Click HERE for our Christmas pamphlet!!!



St. Christopher's Raffle Draw Results and Filipino Food Festival

Last Sunday 18th November, St. Christopher's Parish held its Community Raffle Draw amidst the Filipino Food Festival. This took place after the 10.30am Mass.

Turnout was good with the Hall filled to capacity, and there was delicious food prepared and served by members of the Filipino community.


At St. Christopher’s Primary School, we believe that Catholic Education has a very important place in the faith development of a child. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a limited number of General Education scholarships for 2019.

Scholarships will be awarded to new entry students that are members of St. Christopher’s Parish, Syndal.


Scholarships will be made available to eligible students entering our school in 2019. For scholarship conditions and further details please contact the school office on 9803 0011.

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