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Easter Vigil 2019

Easter Vigil, a liturgy that marks the beginning of Easter, was celebrated beautifully at St Christopher's.
We are awaiting our master's return with our lamps full and burning, so that he will find us awake and seat us at his table (cf. Luke 12:35ff)


A picture speaks a thousand words … and this is so true of the experiences we had at the Confirmation Camp held on 6 & 7 April 2019.  The following photographs tell of the fun, camaraderie and closeness of nature at the campsite.  Fr Pat who was with us provided the spiritual input on the HOLY SPIRIT.


FAST24, held on 5 & 6 April was a success, with over 40 participants attending on Friday night.
The night started with a shared dinner - a meal to last for 24 hours, followed by Stations of the Cross and some singing and opening activities before we learned more about homelessness in Melbourne by Kyle Hoad. There were moments of reflection, shared discussions and singing.
Cardboard boxes were prepared for those staying overnight.
The next day, activities started bright and early with a reflection on the night. There were more praise and worship, reflections, the Amazing gRace and T-Shirt making. After Vigil Mass, supper was shared with all FAST24 participants. 

St. Christopher's Fete 2019

The weather forecast indicated perfect weather on Saturday 23 February for the FETE and indeed it was!  The Parish and School grounds were abuzz with activities from 6.30am as everyone prepared to welcome our 1st wave of patrons at 10am.  With the decorations, rides, stage and marquees up, the whole place was transformed … it seemed almost magical!

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