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menALIVE Christmas Party

St Christopher’s menALIVE small group members got together with their spouses and our two priests to celebrate Christmas on 9 Dec 2017.

Ministry Thanksgiving 2017

The Annual Parish Ministry Thanksgiving took place on Friday 1 December and it brought together about 100 of us to praise God for His blessings on us and in our ministries.  It was also an opportunity for Fr. Ralph and Fr. Pat to thank everyone for their generous gift of talent and time through our participation in the different ministries.


YOU are warmly invited to join us at St Christopher's Parish for our CHRISTMAS SERVICES.

RIPPLES CAFE on Sunday 29 October 2017

Young talent abounds in our parish.

 We all enjoyed Lynn’s busking during the last Ripples Café. Your donations to her effort came to a whopping $190. Together with the net takings at the café, a total of $340 has been forwarded to Avila College for their Mission in the Philippines. Thank you everyone for your support and generosity.
Ripples Café needs your help. We hope to continue running Ripples Café next year but we can do so only if we are able to get more help with catering. Ripples Café will run approximately every 4 to 6 weeks and if you are happy to help cater savoury finger food, please contact Catherine 0413 684286 Thank you.

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