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St Christopher’s Parish welcomed its 2018 Parish Mission Speaker, Fr. Richard Leonard, from 25 to 29 August.

On all counts the Parish Mission held last week was a resounding success. It certainly helped us reflect on our journey of faith. All the sessions were very well attended. Fr Richard helped put in perspective our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and how it sits with our relationship to Jesus Christ. He also helped us understand that God never plans for us to suffer pain and sorrow and it is not God’s will, that disaster and calamity should happen. There were some laughs, some tears and some serious lessons on how we could practically apply our Christian spirituality to the choices we make in our life. We had an insight into how Fr Richard and his family steadfastly held their faith when challenged by enormous adversity. The efforts of the committee in organising this successful event and making sure everything went smoothly during the 3 days was commendable and much appreciated. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the various tasks assigned to them and particularly to Georgina who was here from early morning to late evening every day ensuring that the place was clean and tidy for each of the sessions, as well as preparing and serving the soup for the evening sessions. Well done! The recordings of Fr. Leonard's talks are now available from the Presbytery for those who would like to listen to him again.

Music Ministry Event

In the last two years, our parish saw a transformation of our music ministry in several wonderful ways. A significant number of parishioners joined the music ministry resulting in a community of volunteer parish musicians and vocalists with diverse musical interests and talents. 

FORMED - Free Online Resources

Our Parish has subscribed to FORMED - THE CATHOLIC FAITH ON DEMAND. 

FORMED provides access to the best Catholic audio talks, movies, ebooks, and video-based studies from trusted providers like Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press, Catholic Answers, Sophia Press, St. Paul Center, and more!

As a parishioner, you can create an account and log-in to thousands of resources ALL FOR FREE.
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New Life in the Spirit

This Easter we are delighted to welcome our four newly Baptised (Tuan Huynh, Li-Shan Wong, Anoja Xavier & Onaela Xavier) and the two candidates coming into full communion with the Catholic Church (Scott Rollings & Watson Xavier), into our St. Christopher’s Parish.

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