St Christopher's Parish


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BIBLE STUDY The Acts of the Apostles - Jeff Cavins (Ascension Press DVD Programme)

JEFF CAVINS provides an in-depth explanation of THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES.
You are invited to join us in the Cenacle on Friday nights at 7.30pm or Saturday mornings at 10.30am (Repeat)
For more information reach Gwen O’Brien on 0423643813 or via email:


The master plan for future improvements to the church and the surroundings is ready.

It will address both immediate needs and long term objectives. We will look to improve the existing church and to provide adequate facilities for the many ministries that serve the parish.


On Sunday 26 February 2017, a few families from the God’s Little Explorers programme gathered at Lysterfield Lake Park for an afternoon of fun and activity.

CHOSEN Youth Faith Formation - Sunday 3.00 pm (Check bulletin for upcoming session)

 Filmed on location throughout the U.S. and internationally — from Times Square to St. Peter’s Square, CHOSEN is visually stunning. It is engagingly paced to keep teens’ interest with the right balance of faith, fun, and powerful videos, delivered by a team whose expertise, dynamic personalities, and passion for the faith will both inspire and motivate teens.

All Youth aged 15 years & older are invited to participate in this DVD programme every 3rd Sunday of the month at 3.00 pm. Meet outside the presbytery. More information can be found on this link or contact Nimmi


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