St Christopher's Parish


SUNDAY SCHOOL - Coming to Know Jesus Better

All children in Years 3 to 10 are welcome to join Sunday School which runs from 9.30 am to 10.25 am every Sunday during school term, with holidays coinciding with the Victorian State School holidays. 

As learning about our faith is a life-long journey, attendance at Sunday School is expected throughout the year in order that the children may grow in their Catholic faith, build a strong relationship with God and live out their faith in fellowship with our community here at St Christopher’s. 

Children are welcome to join Sunday School at any time during the year.

The children are also prepared for the Sacraments.                                                           

The Sacraments will next be celebrated as follows: 

  • First Reconciliation (Confession) in August 2018 
  • First Eucharist (Communion) in June 2019.

Read the 2018 Newsletter here -

As in previous years, Years 3 & 4 children will be using the CHRIST OUR LIGHT AND LIFE workbook and the GRATIA Series workbook in preparation for First Reconciliation.

The Years 5 & 6 children will start off the year with the FAITH IN ACTION Programme followed by the SEEKING TO LIVE THE GOOD NEWS workbook, published by the Archdiocese of Melbourne, specifically for use in Catholic Parishes.

The Secondary School Programme for this year will comprise FREEDOM RIDE (12 Lessons of Faith For Today’s Teens),                                 a Faith Journal and Videos & Discussions on YouCat - THE YOUTH CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

We have introduced FAITH IN ACTION and FREEDOM RIDE with the view of equipping the children  and boosting their confidence in living out their faith in their everyday lives.

FAITH IN ACTION Discussion on CHOICES with reference to Bible Verses

CHOICE #1 - Courage or Fear        CHOICE #2 – Pride or Humility        CHOICE #3 – Generosity or Greed        CHOICE #4 – Acceptable or Snobbery

CHOICE #5 – Respect or Disrespect        CHOICE #6 – Lying or Truthfulness        CHOICE #7— Persistence or Quitting        CHOICE #8— Judgement or Empathy

CHOICE #9—Gentleness or Harshness        CHOICE #10—Loyalty or Gossiping        CHOICE #11—Bravery or Bystanding        CHOICE #12—Talking or Listening


How to Get Started

Lesson 1 - How to Talk with God        Lesson 2 – How to Hear God        Lesson 3 – Three Reasons We Don’t Hear God        Lesson 4 – Following God’s Lead

How to Behave

Lesson 5 – Drinking and Drugs (and the psychology of stooping so low)        Lesson 6 – Gossips and other Trumpet Mouths

Lesson 7 – Peer Pressure 1 : You’re Not A Zit (so don’t let people squeeze you)       Lesson 8 – Peer Pressure 2 : You’re Like a Balloon (so don’t end up deflated)

Lesson 9 – Facebook Fights and Texting Wars

How to Grow

Lesson 10 – Finding Your Gifts from God        Lesson 11 – Putting Yourself in the Other Guy’s Shoes     Lesson 12 – Loving Your Brothers ‘n’ Sisters

If you would like your child to join Sunday School, please read the Enrolment Information, fill in and sign the Enrolment Form and hand it in at the Parish Office or online to

Catherine Chong 0413 684286 email :
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Sunday School Enrolment Form - Download Form