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St Christopher’s Parish community shares in the Confirmands’ JOY as they welcome the HOLY SPIRIT into their hearts. With the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT sealed in them, we pray that they will build their lives on FAITH and LOVE; always open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to work in them and strengthen them to be courageous soldiers for Christ.

The Sacrament of Confirmation was celebrated at our parish on the evening of Friday 4 August 2017. Monsignor Anthony Ireland conferred the sacrament on 39 candidates from St Christopher’s Parish School and Sunday School. The church was packed with family and friends who came in support of the Confirmands. It was a joyous occasion, uplifted by the beautiful music of the Youth Ministry choir.


Monsignor Anthony Ireland’s homily certainly resonated with the young, using the analogy that at the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are like apps for living downloaded into each Confirmand. Hence the Confirmands need to “tap” on these gifts, just as one would tap on an app to use it, in order to bear the Fruits of the Holy Spirit :

Charity    Generosity    Joy     Gentleness     Peace    Faithfulness     Patience     Modesty     Kindness        Self-control      Goodness        Chastity    
We may add that to maintain the apps, the Confirmands need to be connected to an App Store to receive updates. The Church Community can be seen as that App Store and the continued source of "spiritual updates".

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