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Ministry Thanksgiving 2017

The Annual Parish Ministry Thanksgiving took place on Friday 1 December and it brought together about 100 of us to praise God for His blessings on us and in our ministries.  It was also an opportunity for Fr. Ralph and Fr. Pat to thank everyone for their generous gift of talent and time through our participation in the different ministries.

The evening commenced with a great blessing!  The heavy rains which had been forecast and which poured during the day stopped just before the celebration.  Appropriately, the evening opened with a Prayer Service led by Fr. Pat.  All who attended had a wonderful time; sumptuous food, wide offering of drinks, awesome entertainment from the Parish YOUNG BUDDING MUSICIANS and the two priests who put up a HILARIOUS and INTERACTIVE act which drew lots of laughter!  They had both gone to great lengths in their costume design and looked authentic for their parts, that I would not have recognised them on the streets!!!  Throughout the evening, there was much laughter, good conversations and great fellowship.  Some excitement was generated as the evening ended with a raffle draw and 5 lucky winners went home with wine and booklets of our Community Raffle as prizes.  Praises to our great God and thanks to all our generous parishioners!

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