Catholic Vocations
Archdiocese of Melbourne

Alexander and Bernadette Ariens

Ariens-Marriage-115Alexander and Bernadette Ariens, married for 6 and half years, four children under 5

Victor and Antonella Dalla-Vecchia

Antonella-and-Victor-115We believe we have a wonderful life together because we make a conscious decision to seek God's guidance for our future.

Paul Clements and Helen Lancaster

Paul-and-Helen-Clements-115We believe that marriage is a state that offers exceptionally valuable opportunities.

Michael and Marjorie Brasher

Early in our lives, we thought the word vocation only related to a religious life. We now understand with the graces of the Sacraments, for priests, the vows of sisters, brothers and lay ministers of our Holy Catholic Church vocations are very similar in many ways. God calls us all to love one another as he loves us. Sharing our lives and vocation within our parish's wider community.

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