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When the vocation discerned is not realised

Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal.

Who can tell all the great things he has done? Who can praise him enough?

(Psalm 106:1-2)

In difficult situations I find I sometimes struggle to believe psalms such as the one above. But the more I say them and choose to believe them, the less I struggle even in the most difficult of moments.

Many people would say I’m not in a difficult situation. I am single, over 40, am healthy, I have a good job and home of my own, I travel and have caring friends and family. But to have discerned marriage as my vocation and to have that vocation unfulfilled as yet at a later stage in life has its challenges and pain.

Jing-Ping Wong

jing-ping-wong-115Hi, I'm Jing-Ping Wong. I've always been living the single state of life up until this point. When I look back, I see it as a path upon which God has led and accompanied me - an extraordinary journey. Being single has allowed me to see and experience so much of the world

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