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Vocation Views Year B

VOCATION VIEWS - Give me water that I may never get thirsty

Reflections for your weekly parish bulletin Following Cycle B of the Liturgical Year. (2018 is Year B)

First Sunday of Advent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: It's Advent; almost Christmas! A Season of dreams comes true. Be on guard. The Lord may call you to follow Him.

Second Sunday of Advent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: The cry of the people: "Lord, let us see your kindness". Who will prepare the way of the Lord coming to us today?

Third Sunday of Advent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: There was a man sent by God, who came as a witness to testify to the Light, so that through this person all people might believe. Is your name in the Gospel today?

Fourth Sunday of Advent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Every person who has ever born a child, and every person who has freely vowed away this honour, helps in some mysterious way to bring Jesus Christ into this world again. Can you say: "Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord"?

Christmas - A, B or C

A VOCATION VIEW: Christmas the promised fulfilled. God comes to dwell among His people. Before the Second Coming of Jesus, the world needs people like you to continue His work. Are you ready?

Holy Family - B

A VOCATION VIEW: The Old Law said that every first born male shall be dedicated to the Lord. Is there a priest, deacon, brother, or sister from your family? Now is the time for families to encourage a vocation!

Epiphany - A,B or C

A VOCATION VIEW: Even gift bearing kings, accompanied by camels and servants, went to visit Jesus Christ. You, come and follow Him. Take the Good News back to your people: Jesus is Lord of all.

Baptism of Our Lord - A, B or C

A VOCATION VIEW: No one is humanly worthy to be a priest, deacon, sister or brother. No one is worthy to stoop and untie the sandal straps of Jesus. But He still calls us and favours us to do His work. Will you serve?

Second Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: A good Vocation prayer to say everyday, from the time we are ten years old till we are ninety years old, is found in today's first Scripture Reading: 'Speak, Lord for your servant is listening.' Just try it with sincerity starting today.

Third Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Even a great person like Jonah turned away, at first, from what God called him to do. It is never too late to hear the Lord say, 'Come, follow Me.'

Fourth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Let us not get confused that power and authority are two very different things. We must imitate Jesus and use these gifts in service of the poor. It is this power that is at work in us.

Fifth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: The afflicted Job in the Old Testament thinks that his life is like dust in the wind; his restlessness depicting the sorrow and sadness afflicting society today. Are we prepared for the task ahead? To heal the broken-hearted, to bind up all their wounds? How do you choose to respond?

Sixth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Today's Gospel says that: "Jesus was moved with pity, when He saw a leper." Are you moved with love or pity when you see the outcast of today's society? Who will come forward to minister Christ today?

First Sunday of Lent – B

A VOCATION VIEW: Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert. Where is the Spirit leading you ?

Second Sunday of Lent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: If you need an example of a person responding to a vocational call, look at Abraham - called in old age to leave his country, father a child, then asked to sacrifice the child. What faith! Vocation is a risky response to a unique call from God.

Third Sunday of Lent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Jesus cleaned out the temple of money changers. He was angry; He was zealous; He was authoritative. He was doing what He had to do, even though it involved risk, danger, insult and wonder. Such is a vocation.

Fourth Sunday of Lent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: When we are 'born again' in baptism, we really become a new creation, fired with a new love, and aimed in a new direction - heaven. Let Jesus talk with you. Let Jesus challenge you.

Fifth Sunday of Lent - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Unless a seed first dries out and dies, it cannot be planted in the earth to grow. Unless we first dry out and die to our selfish ways, we can never expect to be people who will 'lay down their lives for their friends.'

Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday) - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is she who gives her life in the name of the Lord. Blessed are they who live their united life in the name of the Lord.

Easter Sunday - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Christ has become our Paschal Sacrifice. Your ultimate purpose, to live and to breathe, is the eternal Jesus. Go forth to announce to the world - Christ, our hope, has risen, Alleluia!

Second Sunday of Easter - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Easter: resurrection and new life; to be begotten by God. A new life, achieved from a conquered tomb. Meaning for life for people for thousands of years. Nothing more secure, nothing more lasting. "As the Father sent me, so I am sending you...".

Third Sunday of Easter - B

A VOCATION VIEW: What could convince someone to turn to God? That God became man and is the sacrifice that takes our sins away. Let us pray - Lord Jesus, make Your word plain to us and set our hearts on fire with love when You speak. Enable us to respond to the call to be witnesses of Your love.

Fourth Sunday of Easter - B

A VOCATION VIEW: This is World Day of Prayer for Vocations. The world needs worthy leaders, Good Shepherds of the 21st Century, caring unselfishly for the needs of God's people. Please, pray for Vocations.

Fifth Sunday of Easter - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Who shall come forward to explain the love God has for His people who should be one in faith? We need more faith-filled, prayerful and spirited people to make the Vine and the Branches One again. How about you?

Sixth Sunday of Easter - B

A VOCATION VIEW: God's love for us has been revealed: "Love one another as I have loved you. The world is in need to see people who are striving to love others with all their hearts. What about you?

Ascension - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Jesus said to his disciples 'Go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation.' There are still dark aspects to our world and to our neighbourhood that need the Good News. Answer the call to 'Go and teach all people my Gospel. I am with you always, until the end of time.'

Pentecost Sunday - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Be guided by the Holy Spirit, because with the Spirit comes, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness and self control. With God's help, come forward to proclaim to those who are searching for meaning in life. As the Spirit is our life, let us be directed by the Spirit.

Trinity Sunday - B

A VOCATION VIEW: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. When we go out to make disciples of all nations we have a lot to tell. God is Lord in heaven above and on earth below. Having received the Spirit that make's you God's own children, you are called to proclaim "Glory to the Father, to the Son and the Holy Spirit: to God who is, who was and who is to come." Alleluia!

Corpus Christi - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Through the ministry of our ordained priests, we receive Holy Communion. Through the Body and Blood of Christ, we are made one body: to become Christ-like ... purified ... ready to serve. Pray for Vocations.

Eleventh Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Through the gift of the Holy Eucharist and by the Word of God we are nourished and continue to grow towards fuller maturity. Like the Church, we are the potential to be like a growing tree, bearing fruit and giving comfort, but always open to further growth.

Twelfth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: At times we can feel that we are being swamped by various troubles. Like the apostle Paul, we are overwhelmed, not by our troubles, but by the love of God made visible in Jesus Christ.

Thirteenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: She fell at His feet and told Him the whole truth. Jesus restores health and wholeness to an ‘untouchable’ woman. She is remarkable to show as much courage as for her faith. How can we show the courage to ask for forgiveness from the Lord?

Fourteenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: There is a great need today to stand up for what we believe in. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you, He has sent you to bring Good News to the poor.

Fifteenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: In today's First Reading, Amos says he did not choose to be a prophet. God selected him. Maybe God is asking you to reconsider what you are doing and do His work instead.

Sixteenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: When the apostles were trying to reflect on their ministry, Jesus asked them to "come by yourselves to an out-of-the-way place." Listening to God in quiet prayer is very important in vocational discernment. Listen to God's voice in an out-of-the-way place.

Seventeenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Today we are reminded by St Paul that there is one body, one Lord, one faith, one baptism. The challenge before us is to 'bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience.' That is an essential part of our vocation: to lead a life worthy of these attributes.

Eighteenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: "I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes in me will never thirst." 'Lord, send us priests after your own heart to give us the Food of everlasting life - Your very Self in the Eucharist.' Consider a call to the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

Nineteenth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: To taste and see the goodness of the Lord means to be drawn closer to God. "Try, then, to imitate God as children of His that He loves, and follow Christ by loving as He loved you." Be a presence of God's love in the world today. Do what you can to bring to life God's love.

Twentieth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: John's Gospel reveals God's promise of the Word made flesh. This is revealed through the sacrifice made by Christ: "I am the living bread, come down from heaven ... the bread I give is my flesh for the life of the world ...". Do this in memory of Him.

Twenty - first Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Jesus, teach us about life everlasting: "Your words Lord are spirit and life ..." It is this that gives us hope when we despair, a way of living when we stray from God's way. "The words I have spoken are spirit and they are life." It is God's words that we need to hear to lift our spirit and give life. Pray for vocations.

Twenty - second Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Thank God our struggles of faith can be ultimately overcome through prayer, perseverance and love. 'Do what the word tells you.' Be doers of the word.

Twenty - third Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Has not God chosen the poor of the world to inherit the kingdom? Chosen to be rich in faith. So take heart, be not afraid, consider your part in God's Kingdom.

Twenty - fourth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: When Jesus says “Who do people say I am?” We could interpret this as Jesus asking for feedback from His disciples about Himself. If you were to ask Jesus, ‘how would you describe today’s Christians?’

Twenty - fifth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: When Jesus says, "If you wish to rank first, you must remain the last one of all and the servant of all," many people could immediately turn and walk away. Are you willing to serve as Jesus did?

Twenty - sixth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Some people do not respond to God's call because they feel they are not worthy to do God's work. And they are not - nobody is! But still God calls. There is enough ministry for many more. Answer God's call.

Twenty - seventh Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: The Christian Vocation has expression through marriage, single life, priesthood and consecrated life. Our call to holiness is to answer God's call to build the Kingdom of God. 'Let the little children come to me; ... for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs.'

Twenty - eighth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: If we really believe in something, it does not seem to be a sacrifice to give up everything else to pursue that one dream. Jesus asks for total dedication, promising in return rewards that no one else can promise: "Go and sell everything you own ... then come; follow me."

Twenty - ninth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Life's rewards are tied up in the spirit of service. Just as the Son of Man came to give His life, so too are we then called through our profession of faith to serve others. Lord, we pray, 'let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in You to do your will.'

Thirtieth Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: 'Master grant that I may see'. The values we were blind to in our youth, now become clear. Blindness gives way to vision through faith in Jesus. As children of God, we are called to do good things, and to witness God's love.

All Saints - B

A VOCATION VIEW: We remember the countless multitude of men and women who are now in heaven. We continue to be inspired by the qualities they revealed in their lives: a concern for justice, gentleness, purity of heart, mercy and courage.

Thirty - second Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Jesus says when we give alms we “do not sound a trumpet before [us]” According to St. Ambrose, ‘God does not consider what one gives but what one keeps.’ Could it be that we give too little and keep too much?

Thirty - third Sunday of the Year - B

A VOCATION VIEW: 'As I keep the Lord ever in my sight ... my heart rejoices, my soul is glad ... You will show me the path of life, the fullness of joy in Your presence.' Let our Vocation be, to be one with God - forever.

Christ the King - B

A VOCATION VIEW: Christ is King ... the faithful Witness. He loved us ... and made us a line of priests, prophets and kings to serve God His Father. Who are we to be called forth as the priests of tomorrow - prayerful men - leaders, ready to preach the Word of God.

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